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May 20, 2024-Congressional Investigations Are Useless

May 13, 2024-Why Was Mike Johnson Selected For Speaker?

May 6, 2024-Free Speech Is Dead In The USA

April 29, 2024-Politicians-Corrupt And Compromised

April 22, 2024-Congress Has Betrayed The Citizens Of The United States

April 15, 2024-Speaker Mike Johnson, You Are A Disgrace To The US Citizen

April 8, 2024-News Anchors Are Actors Reading A Script

April 1, 2024-Only California Can Be This Stupid

March 25, 2024-Congress Today-The Same Old Swamp

March 18, 2024-So Convenient, Leading People To Their Demise

March 11, 2024-What Is Free Speech?

March 4, 2024-The Fury Over GAB's New Pay To Upload Media Policy

February 26, 2024-A Senior Citizen Trying to Find A Job In Today’s World

February 19, 2024-Tucker & Putin Interview

February 12, 2024-Where is the Full the Release of the January 6 Videos?

February 5, 2024-More Lunacy From California

January 29, 2024-All Eyes Are On Texas

January 22, 2024-Speaker Mike Johnson-The People Have Been Played

January 15, 2024-People Just Repeat Soundbites And Posts

January 8, 2024-What Has Happened To The USA?

January 1, 2024-Happy New Year!

December 25, 2023-Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2023-Our Current Judicial System Is In The Spotlight

December 11, 2023-Politicians Use Social Media For Propaganda

December 4, 2023-The Special Prosecutor’s Action Is A Warning To All Of Us

November 27, 2023-Vehicle Kill Switches Means Control Of Movement

November 20, 2023-Is The Release Of The J6 Videos A Distraction?

November 13, 2023-Climate Change Is The New Name For Weather

November 6, 2023-Whatever Happened To East Palestine, Ohio and Maui?

October 30, 2023-I Believe In USA First!

October 23, 2023-Only Fools Rush In-Matt Gaetz Is Not A Hero

October 16, 2023-Insurance Companies Are Running Amuck In California

October 9, 2023-McCarthy Was Removed As Speaker

October 2, 2023-New Mexico’s Governor Launched A Trial Balloon

September 25, 2023-With A Stroke Of A Pen, All American Citizens Became Criminals

September 18, 2023-Revoking A Physicians Medical License To Practice

September 11, 2023-It Is Over?

September 4, 2023-Politicians Demand to be Called Honorable

August 28, 2023-The Railroad Is Coming To Gunter, TX

August 21, 2023-People Have No Idea Of The Past

August 14, 2023-Watching Tucker Carlson-Too Little, Too Late

August 7, 2023-People Need To Grow Up

July 31, 2023-Help Forum Cheerleaders

July 24, 2023-Listen To Me Because I'm Rich

July 17, 2023-Foreign Call Centers

July 10, 2023-Social Media Is Eye Opening

July 3, 2023-Electric Cars Are The Path To Control

June 26, 2023-Is Insurance A Scam?

June 19, 2023-Stay Focused, Stop Following Distractions!

June 12, 2023-Self Checkout

June 5, 2023-You are Public Servants, Listen to the Public!

May 29, 2023-Border Invasion, Title 42 Ends and Durham Report is Released

May 22, 2023-Mr. Speaker, Where are the Jan 6 Videos?

May 15. 2023-Want to Muzzle Free Speech? Sue!

May 8, 2023-Verified Celebrities on Social Media

May 1, 2023-The Fury Over Tucker Carlson's Exit

April 27, 2023-AI (Artificial Intelligence)

April 24, 2023-Ban on Gas Appliances

April 17, 2023-My Opinion And Comments

April 10, 2023-I'm A Old Timer

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