Only California Can Be This Stupid
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April 1, 2024

Only California Can Be This Stupid

Once again the State of California spotlights the lunacy of its new laws and policies. The newest version of insanity is the states new recycling mandate. As usual the new policy has nothing to do with reality but it has everything to do with the control of the state’s citizens.

No more of the three R’s; Reduce, Recycle & Reuse in California. When I was growing up many years ago we had a great recycling program. We took our soda bottles back to the store to get a nickel for every bottle and we would scour the neighborhood for loose soda bottles. Years later you could round up aluminum cans and take them back for a few cents. Regular bottles were recyclable if you wanted to spend the extra time to take them to a recycling facility. Scrap yards were available for all kinds of metal, plastics and bottles for those that wanted to make a few extra dollars. The problem was people were lazy and that leads us to the current situation. The politicians saw an opportunity to further control the citizens and they pushed ahead with this new recycling nonsense.

First came the plastic bag ban and people accepted it without even thinking and they even voted to uphold the law. We use to have paper bags and they were always recyclable but they were too expensive for the stores to give away. For the cost of one paper bags the stores could buy a hundred plastic bags. As usual it was all about the money because it it cheaper to use chemicals than natural products. Paper is from a sustainable source, trees. When you cut one tree down you plant two more. What a concept!

Now the State of California is forcing cities and counties to enforce new recycling requirements that meet the goal of saving the planet. Another catch all phrase for more government control. There are no state guidelines for how the new recycling program has to be implemented so each municipality and trash company is doing something different. Some cities say you have to sort different kinds of plastic. Some tell you to throw paper towels with food waste. Some say white and clear plastic is ok for the recycling bin but black plastic is not. Shredded paper is not recyclable for some and plastic bags are not for others. One company tells you to freeze your food waste and not put in the trash can until the day of pickup so it doesn’t smell. Another trash company tells you to sort your recyclables and take them to a local recycling center all they want is the cans and bottles that have a return value stamped on them. This company is paid by the residents to pick up trash but they want you to do all the work and in some cases they won’t even pick it up. This same company has trash inspectors that are checking the trash cans at the curbside for any violations. One violation is if your trash lid is open more than three inches. If they find a violation of the requirements they will issue a red card to the homeowner. Now trash pickup in some cities in California are like a soccer game, you get a red card for a violation. This is not an April Fools joke, it’s really happening in the communist state of California. My question is, “Who gave policing powers to the trash company?”

Unfortunately the spineless city and county governments allowed this to happen. Some did try to prevent the requirement from going into effect and some did sue the State of California. As usual the state said they would withhold state funds from these cities and counties that went against the state order. If the threat of withholding funds didn’t work the state threatened the cities and counties with a lawsuit. Many of the local politicians cowered and went along with the stupidity. A lot of them believe in it even though nothing is based in facts and there were no policies or guidelines from the state. California just issues threats and in the long run none of this will help the environment. All this nonsense just shows the progressive ideas of the last few crazy governors and definitely the ideas of a bunch of crazy progressive politicians in the state capital. Stupidity at its finest. It is all about control and people are falling for it every time. People in the State of California went from a nudge to a push to a law with fines. Once again more of your individuality has been taken away and the sad part is you are actually paying for the state to control your life. Trash companies and cities all over the state are raising trash pickup rates and fees on property owners to pay for all this stupidity.

The sheep will always follow and that is why this stupid program went through and became a law in California. People are all talk and will never stand up to these stupid policies. If people stuck together and just said “no” or “we will not comply” stupidity like this recycling law would have been stopped. The state will threaten but they can’t arrest everybody. Even if they did the state would cease to function because all the worker bees would be in jail and no one would be paying taxes. The state would implode. Unfortunately people are too scared to risk what they have to do something that is right and protect the future generations from government tyranny. We are in this position today because of the sheep in California and will continue with this downward slide until enough people stand up and say stop. Unfortunately that will never happen because people no longer have a spine.

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