Memorial Day
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May 27, 2024

Memorial Day

In today’s USA many do not realize that Memorial Day is A Day Of Remembrance. It is not a day for sales, it is not just a day off of work and it is not a day just to have fun. It is a day to remember all those that made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country.

How many actually think about the fallen on Memorial Day? Today Memorial Day is all about the beginning of the summer season, sales and fun. Leave it big business to try to make money off the death of individuals who died so they could be allowed to make money. Leave it to politicians to try to make the day of remembrance about the politics of the country. Leave it to the clueless to think it is all about fun in the sun and picnics. That is the problem with the country today, everything is about fun and being happy. No one ever thinks what that fun and happiness has cost in lives. Nothing comes easy and nothing is free. The rights we have today is because someone gave their life so we could live in a free country.

Politicians make a lot of speeches on Memorial Day, mostly to talk about themselves and what they are doing. Leave it to politicians to try to make the day of remembrance about themselves. The politicians are the ones today that are taking away our God given rights and freedom what is the exact opposite of what those that died tried to protect. That is why it is a Day of Remembrance and not a political event. Politicians start wars and real people fight them and many die in them. Whenever a politician starts a war, it always means people will be put in harms way. Many families will be affected by the decision and for some it means a permanent loss. The politician is always safely protected at home and calls the shots from far away.

This country was founded, grew and survived because strong and ordinary individuals stood up against tyranny and many of them gave their life in the process. The sacrifice of these people made the United States of America the greatest country in the world. We must never forget the sacrifices of those that fought for this country to keep the rest of free and safe. The citizens of the US must show these individuals and their families an enormous amount of gratitude and we always will. We must always show that we care and will not forget the sacrifice they made.

As stated above Memorial Day is not just about those lost while serving their country. Today as before all over the country, there are individuals and families thinking about and remembering loved ones lost while serving the United States of America. The family’ s sacrifice should also not be forgotten. Their sacrifices have allowed all of us the freedom to exercise our God given rights. With the current state of the USA where politicians, elites and the rich are trying their best to remove basic rights from the US citizens, as those before us, we must not allow this to happen. We must stop the global agenda that wants to destroy the United States of America because if we fail to stop this madness the deaths of all those that fought for us will be in vain. That cannot happen and I will not let that happen. We are not called the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave for being wimps and cowards. We must stand together to protect this country as those did before us from the tyranny and slavery of the global agenda, corporations, the extreme rich and power hungry politicians.

Many volunteered and many more were drafted to serve their country over the years. It doesn’t matter how they entered military service because those we remember they all gave their lives for their country. Most were young and in their prime, many middle aged and some old and they all went off to war never to return. We must never forget them. We must never forget their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families. This is why Memorial Day is always A Day of Remembrance. May they all Rest In Peace and Never Be Forgotten.

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