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What I Believe…

I believe in God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in faith, family and friends.

I believe in the United State Constitution

I believe in freedom.

I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I believe in one National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.

I believe in buying Made In The USA.

I believe in purchasing good tools not foreign made junk. Unfortunately sometimes you have to buy the junk because corporations have sold the US worker out for cheap labor and materials.

I believe a young person should call an old man “Mr. …” to show respect.

I believe in Barber Shops, not salons.

I believe in repair not replace.

I believe men in denim built this country with their hands and sweat.

I believe corporate greed and corrupt politicians are destroying this country.

I believe the path forward is getting back to basics so we can rebuild this country.

I believe technology is a tool not a way of life.

I believe in speaking my mind. I am too old to care on how it affects people. If you are easily offended go somewhere else, this is not the website for you.

I believe If you are offended by my beliefs I do not care. That is life. Toughen Up. Go someplace else for information. No one is forcing you to purchase from me.

I believe what I say is my opinion, you have yours. If you agree great, if you don’t agree, great.

I believe people need to pay more attention about life than having fun or doing what I want to do, the country would not be in such a mess as it is now.

I believe that those that think “they are the smartest in the room” are usually the dumbest and are definitely the clueless.

I believe that too many people have gone through life being clueless.

I believe the “highly educated” lack common sense and life experience. Their education is on paper not by actually doing something.

I believe there is no such thing as a “victimless crime.”

I believe those convicted of “identity theft” should rot in prison. Unfortunately law enforcement doesn’t investigate or prosecute this type of crime, it is “victimless” or they are too busy.

I believe Digital ID’s and Digital Currency is the next step in controlling our lives, that’s why it will be “so convenient.” Oh wait, it is already here, Smart Phone, Apps and QR Codes.

I believe people are bribed by rebates to adapt and/or replace items with worthless ones such as water saving plumbing fixtures.

I believe rebates and freebies are to force you to do what you don’t want to do.

I believe those that accept rebates and freebies cause changes that force the ones that don’t want to change into the new ideas.

I believe climate changes by the hour. It has from the beginning of time.

I believe the current agenda of “climate change” is based on findings of “so called” experts that can’t predict tomorrow’s weather accurately. How can they predict what is going to happen in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years or 100 years from now?

I believe science must be challenged so you can verify if it is accurate. When science is challenged you weed out the quacks who have been bought and paid for by corporations, government or an agenda.

I believe you have to protect yourself and family.

I believe you have to do your own research to find out what is good or bad, true or false.

I believe in taking care of your family, friends and yourself.

I believe when I hear the phrase “I’m too busy,” I immediately think of a lazy, useless and clueless person. You are never “too busy” to teach. This is what has caused such a great decline in the United States. People think they are “too important” therefore “too busy” to care. Our country is in a deep mess because people are “too busy” to do their jobs.

I believe crime would be reduced if current laws are enforced. Law enforcement investigates and arrests, Prosecutors prosecute the accused, judges sentence according to the law not by opinion or beliefs and the convicted serve their entire sentence.

I believe our society declined when no one listens to explanations because they are “too busy,” ignore comments when they are “too long” and are not short phrases.

I believe real experience, knowledge and understanding can’t be written in 160 characters or less.

I believe you can not tell someone about yourself in one word or sentence.

I believe people need explanations.

I believe anyone that says they are “too busy” is a fool and can not be trusted.

I believe “What is old is new.”

I believe that the “online influencers, celebrities and wanna be’s” just restate old ideas, they are not that smart to do something on their own.

I believe brand awareness is the new phrase for brainwashed.

I believe you can’t trust what is on the media. It is all sponsored by someone or a company. They are the one’s pulling the strings.

I believe a lot of advice coming from social media is wrong and can injure people, especially the “How to Videos.”

I believe if you want to find the “root of a problem” to always “follow the money.”

I believe politicians, public officials, corporate executives and elites think they are above the law.

I believe power drivers ruin more screw heads than hand screwdrivers ever did but hey, “they are so fast” or “so convenient.”

I believe the term “it’s so convenient” is screwing up society because people are not learning to do things for themselves. They rely too much on technology and it is running their lives.

I believe the term “computer problems” has become the biggest excuse for not getting anything done or the phrase for a big waste of time.

I believe that following an “influencer” just means indoctrination. Exactly what is an “influencer?” That really is an occupation. Society has become stupid.

I believe people are a “slave to technology” because they can’t think for themselves.

I believe the so called “New and Better” items are not really better, they break quicker than the old ones. They are purposely not better so you have to buy a new one over and over. Old items were “built to last” but companies today can’t make more profits on items built to last.

I believe we have become a throw away society because it is easier to replace than repair.

I believe we have lost all privacy because of the internet and social media.

I believe it’s way too easy to destroy a person’s life because of social media and the internet. The authorities don’t care and sometimes are the one’s doing it.

I believe that robots and artificial intelligence will destroy society but taking over jobs.

I believe those that support robots and AI (artificial intelligence) are cutting their own throats and ours too. By using all the electronic assistance, self checkouts, apps and other so-called convenience items, you are destroying yours and our ways of life.

I believe that those that think they are the solution to something are usually the cause of the problem.

I believe because of technology nothing can be trusted, photos, videos, sounds and all else can be manipulated. That explains why the world is in such a mess.

I believe driving a car or truck is one of the last actions that gives us freedom of mobility, requires us to think, reason and react. Self driving cars will take that away from us. We will be under total control.

I believe you can’t argue with a clueless or close minded person, they will never listen to what you have to say.

I believe in a phrase that an old timer friend says when nonsense overtakes people, “You reach a certain point, no matter how hard you try, You can’t fix stupid.”

More to be added as time goes on…

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