People Need To Grow Up
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August 7, 2023

People Need To Grow Up

It’s amazing to see how many so-called adults use little picture’s or “memes” to comment or to make an opinion. Have we fallen so far that now even three minute reports on the news are too long so we have to use pictures instead. Or maybe it is today adults are too stupid to actually write, talk and listen so they have to use little pictures to get their point across.

Social media was and is the breeding ground for this stupidity. It was bad enough when social media had a small character limit for comments so I guess people used small pictures instead. Could that have been the plan to prevent people from actually conversing with one another? The rush was on to see who could make the dumbest pictures to reflect life and the surroundings around us. Maybe if people actually discussed the topics some change would have happened.

Now there is a sight where people do stupid things on video and others try to copy. Bad enough this sight has ties to a communist country that want’s to destroy us, people go along with this stupidity. It is not only the teenagers, so-called adults also mimic this stupidity. The United States is being destroyed right in front of them and all they can do is some video challenge. I bet the founding fathers of this country never thought people would be so stupid. Ben Franklin said, “a republic if you can keep it.” With these morons posting their useless pictures “memes” and copycat challenge videos are the perfect example of why we are losing the republic to communists, progressives, fascists and socialists. These so-called adults don’t know what a republic is so they have no concern about losing it. All they are concerned with is ego boosting views and likes. They can care less that the country that allows them to produced this nonsense is being dismantled.

Other people repost the nonsense with no idea if it is correct or not. If they like it they repost it. It then snowballs and any notion of facts is gone because people just take for granted it is true because it has a lot of views and reposts. This is a perfect way to alter information and it’s all done by a little picture or stupid video.

I am told often that it’s “all in fun” and I need to relax but the “all in fun idea” is what got this country screwed up in the first place. For most people life is hard and fun is the exception not the rule. Those that always want to have fun have no concept of reality and that is why we now have a government that is actually harming its own citizens. Whether it’s bogus investigations, denying of constitutional rights or trying to censor free speech. This is what people just wanting “to have fun” has done to the rest of us.

We know they no longer teach cursive writing in school so I guess drawing kiddish pictures is the result. It’s like a picture book, no thinking required. I know that I am not a good writer and I make my own drawings for my opinion pages but at least there is content to read. Sometimes there’s a lot to read and people just skip over it. Oh well, that’s there loss because they are no longer able to think and that is what is going to destroy the country. Grow up and be responsible. If you want to use little pictures use words also to convey some thought. The stupid videos need to go unless you challenge people to take a stand against government over reach and tyranny. Take an interest in what is going on in the country today before it is too late and the USA is gone.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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