Businesses, Stay In Your Lane
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July 1, 2024

Businesses, Stay In Your Lane

Today many companies are trying to steer people to an agenda that they believe will make more money for the company. We have seen in the last year how this type of attitude has been devastating financially to several large corporations. Just recently a large retailer just reversed course with its DEI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, initiatives and other agenda items that a large part of society is not interested in having shoved into their face. Companies of all sizes need to learn to stay in their lane and only promote the product and service that they sell. Most of the country is not interested in their pet projects, ideas or agendas.

A few years ago when every business was jumping on the bandwagon to support any insanity there was a fast food restaurant in Texas that made the news. Employees at this restaurant wanted to wear pins and other items to support various causes but the restaurant had a policy against wearing such items. One individual decided to ignore the company policy and was disciplined. A complaint was filed and the manager’s response made the news. The response from the manager was that we sell burger and fries. We do not want to be political and we do not want to promote different causes, all we want to do is sell burgers and fries. This was a perfect response but unfortunately the employee didn’t agree and neither did a lot of other companies because they continued to push agendas for various causes. The response of “we only want to sell burgers and fries” says it all, we want to stay in our lane and sell only our product. That is the way it should be for all businesses.

Unfortunately many businesses believe that by promoting or celebrating various causes will increase business. One large beer corporation found out this was not true along with many other companies. People are not interested in having an agenda or cause shoved down their throats everywhere they go. People want to buy a product or service and can care less about companies promoting political or other agendas. Businesses need to stay in their lane and sell only their products or services not commentary, or to tell their customers what to do or think.

One of the worst industries is banks and payment processors. They actually use their products and services to destroy anyone that goes against their corporate agenda. Many stories have been written about companies and individuals that have been de-banked because of political views. This is absolutely wrong because now these companies have taken their ideology to a new level because they want to destroy anyone that has a different opinion. These companies are actively promoting censorship and are preventing people from making a living.

Many online social media platforms talk about freedom of speech and one of them is an online website for opinions and other writing. It says it is a place where writers can express themselves. Now it has come to light that they actually suppress writings that go against a certain agenda. This should be no surprises because the company is based in the ultra liberal Bay Area of California. People have been restricted or their income has been reduced due to the policies of this website. When confronted the company always blames its payment processor. The payment processor in question is one of the worst for de-banking customers that go against its corporate agenda. They cut off the income that people have earned and then refuse to distribute the money already earned for several months. They basically hold your money hostage as a penalty for going against their agenda. Several other payment companies follow this routine and it is nothing more than censorship of different opinions. It is discrimination and ethically it is absolutely wrong but it is legal because they disclose this type of discrimination in their Terms of Service. It is technically legal discrimination and people that use these services agree to this discrimination when they accept the companies Terms of Service. The only recourse a customer has is to go to another company but for this one online social media company the restrictive payment processor is the only one available so people using their service do not have a choice. It is also getting difficult to find a bank or payment processor that doesn’t force its corporate agenda on its current or potential customers.

As for me I have not received any subscribers from this online service and I do have a choice. I am no longer going to use this online social media opinion website. They say they believe in free speech but their actions show something else. By using a restrictive and discriminatory payment processor they show that they do not believe in free speech. As a typical agenda focused company they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. I have my own website and if people wanted purchase a comment or subscription to discuss my opinions that’s fantastic, if they don’t want to purchase they can as always read my posted opinions. I am comfortable with this decision. People are tired of companies pushing an agenda or cause that is not related to their products or services. Companies should have learned a lesson from the fast food restaurant, “we just want to sell burgers and fries” and that means as a business you need to stay in your lane.

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