With A Stroke Of A Pen, All American Citizens Became Criminals
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September 25, 2023

With A Stroke Of A Pen, All American Citizens Became Criminals

It was called the “Patriot Act.” All law abiding citizens of the United States instantly became criminals when a Republican President, George W. Bush, signed The Patriot Act. The majority of American citizens have no idea how many rights were lost in the name of safety when this “so-called patriot” act was made law.

There was nothing patriotic about this law in fact it was the opposite because it shredded the Constitution. It was the biggest push to remove the basic constitutional rights from law abiding citizens of this country. The Patriot Act authorized secret courts and warrantless surveillance just like in dictatorships and communist countries. We are all now guilty until proven innocent due to law enforcement no longer being able to profile groups or individuals that may pose a threat. The authorities say profiling is a bad idea because the terrorists will change tactics if they profile certain groups or individuals. That’s why grandma and grandpa get stripped searched at the airport and the guy with “Death to America” on his t-shirt only has to take off his shoes. Do you really think taking off your shoes makes flying safer? If the FBI, CIA, Airport Security and other agencies just did their job Sept 11th might not have happened and we would not have the Patriot Act.

People accepted this insanity with very little pushback or challenge. But that was the purpose, people will accept anything in the name of safety and they used the infamous line, “it is the governments job to keep its citizens safe.” Create a fear and the people will accept anything you want to do to overcome that fear. Sound familiar, they used that with the “so-called” Covid pandemic and people followed their instructions to the letter. Some are still following them today even though the so-called pandemic is over. The scary thing about the Covid version is they forced you to get a vaccine if you wanted to be a good person in society. They tried to destroy anyone that spoke out against the official narrative. Those that were destroyed can thank the Patriot Act for their destruction. I bet you never thought your previous compliance would destroy your life. The treatment of the J6 prisoners shows how the Patriot Act is being used against American citizens, lack of due process, lack of a speedy trial and many more infractions on the accused Constitutional Rights.

The Patriot Act created the Department of Homeland Security which is a behemoth unregulated bureaucracy. Even the name is scary. Who thought this was a good idea? Officials say nothing has happened since. Yes because we have been lucky. Once again if people did their jobs it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

It doesn’t matter which side you’re on it was the greatest theft of basic rights in the history of the USA and you gave it away without question. Those that think my life is more important than yours, as always, gave up your rights and the rights of others just so you can go on with your life without any care for others. The “I’m too important crowd” are the real terrorists in the USA because without thinking, you gave the tools to the government just so you can travel or go on a vacation. You are nothing but selfish boobs that gave up your rights just so life could go back to normal. The question is, did it? The creation of DHS was the greatest power grab since the creation of the country. All the ideals of the Constitution that created the USA were thrown away in the name of safety. We have become a nation of cowards bowing to government control. You can talk tough but when it’s time to show courage you cower. Since the Patriot Act became law, the government as a whole, governmental agencies, judicial system and the intelligence community has become stronger. And that strength is being used on us, the citizens of the United States. The people have become weaker because no one stuck together to refuse the implementation of this law This is what your cowardice has brought to the nation. We are no longer the “land of the free” we are now the land of control and sheep. Hopefully your vacation or travel was worth it.

Everywhere in society innocent until proven guilty is just words not reality. It’s all in the name of safety and getting back to normal life. I have news for you, it doesn’t make you safer and we are definitely not going back to normal, ever. All it did was take away your rights, you were too weak to stand up to say “no” and you had no problem giving them away.

If people refused to fly because of this policy it would have been eliminated because the airlines would have lost billions. People want convenience in their life and will freely give anything away so they can do what they want to do, even if they are treated like criminals or dirt. I refuse to travel by air or any other type of transportation that requires a body search. I have not flown since the mid 1990’s and I will not fly again under these gestapo type tactics that are being used against law abiding citizens. Idiots will say if you have nothing to hide you should have no problem complying with the new rules. That is they way they actually get people to “comply.” Using fear and scare tactics people get nervous and will oblige with the government requests. They feel they will be targeted and will never be able to travel again. That is the definition of sheep. If you give in you are actually going to make the government stronger and that is what has happened. With today’s technology they already have all of us pegged and know exactly where we stand. We give the government all the information they need by using smart devices, electronic assistants, computers and other electronics. We are all slaves to the algorithm and big tech, corporations and the government are all working together to keep tabs on us. Posting this opinion will probably put me on the “no fly list.” Oh well, my days of traveling have been over since the Patriot Act was enacted.

Thank you President George W. Bush, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, Majority Senate Leader Thomas Daschle and all your cronies in the Senate and House of Representative you destroyed the basis of this countries founding. You destroyed the freedoms of the entire country to appease a group that actually despises the USA. Did you really do it for the safety of the American Citizens or did you actually do it to control the citizens of this country? In todays world it looks like you did it for control of the people.

This is what the citizens of this country gave up when they refused to speak out and push back against the Patriot Act. You gave up your right without any complaint and now you are a faithful servant of the government that controls you. You gave up your basic rights so you could travel safely and to bring back normalcy to your life. By your acceptance of this government over reach you helped the politicians control your life. You are the sheep but unfortunately we will all pay the price for your stupid compliance.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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