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Politicians Checklist To Win Elections

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As long as I can remember politicians do a lot of talking and usually follow the same script over and over. They say what people want to hear when they are running for office and then they turn their back on the voter once they are elected.

After years of hearing the same broken promises over and over, I decided to put together a simple checklist of what politicians say and do during an election cycle to get elected to public office and to stay in power.

In 2023 I posted an opinion on a social media site titled, “Politicians Demand to be Called Honorable” along with a graphic of the simple checklist. Many people liked, reposted and commented on the opinion and checklist so I knew I hit a nerve. One person thought that it was so unique that it should be enlarged to poster size. Due to the positive input I decided to expand the topics on the checklist and put in a book for people to use to keep track of a politicians message and promises during the election season.

Have some fun with it by adding your name, if your running for public office, any politicians name or just leave it blank and check off how many items the candidates or politicians say and do during the election cycle and during their current term in office.

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