Tucker & Putin Interview
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February 19, 2024

Tucker & Putin Interview

A lot of fuss has been made over the past week due to the fact that Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin. Like a child chasing a butterfly is Tucker’s interview of Putin another distraction? I have to say it was a good interview, informative and refreshing because for the most part it was real journalism on display. Even though it was an interesting interview, as usual is has me asking a lot of questions.

Trying to set up a meeting or interview with a foreign head of state is not an easy task. It happened for a reason. Who and why allowed this interview to happen? This interview was not set up by accident or luck. Who set it up? Why now? Is this another distraction? Distraction, from what? Is this a part of Operation Mockingbird? What is really going on? What’s the end game? Probably as always money, control and corruption.

Since privacy is dead in the United States, especially electronic privacy so the Intelligence Agencies would know if contact was made to a foreign leader such as Vladimir Putin. It has been alleged that the NSA spied on Tucker Carlson’s communications in the past so they had to know he was trying to set up an interview with Putin. So who and why did they allow Tucker to meet with Putin? Once again, what’s the end game? One interesting point in the interview was why did Putin mention Tucker and the CIA? Could it be possible that the CIA was actually involved in the interview? This part of the interview did not make sense but why was the subject brought out in the open? Did the CIA initiate and help with the interview?

Another question is why didn’t Tucker ask about the alleged bio-weapons labs that were operating in Ukraine? That could have been some interesting dialogue, especially with all the rumors floating around about questionable business dealing in Ukraine. Once again who or what is being protected?

A few days after the interview a new video was released showing Tucker shopping and talking about the price of goods in Russia, is it to prove worldwide sanctions have failed? Is Tucker praising the Russian economy? Is this to show the world they lost by implementing sanctions or more has to be done to stop Russia? What’s the real purpose?

Right after the interview was released a bill providing more funding for Ukraine was rammed through the Senate. Why are we spending so much money on Ukraine when our own country, the United States is falling apart and going broke? What or who are our politicians trying to protect in Ukraine? A few days later an undisclosed security threat, possibly from Russia related to space, was touted from a Republican member of the House of Representatives. Interesting it was after he made a visit to Ukraine. Why is he beating the war drum against Russia now? Is this to counteract Tucker’s interview of Putin? Is this all a coincidence? As I have said in the past, nothing is by coincidence, it is all planned, scripted and followed.

After the interview was announced both sides of the political spectrum were upset with Tucker Carlson for interviewing Vladimir Putins. As the outcry developed over the interview several wanted to take legal or criminal action against Tucker. If the interview was illegal why was he allowed back into the country? Why wasn’t Tucker arrested when he returned? There was no action taken so it must have been a sanction interview. Once again the question, sanctioned by who?

Another question that needs to be asked is, “could this actually be the comeback of real journalism?” The simple answer is, No, journalism in this country is dead. What’s left of it has been manipulated for a long time and real old-fashioned investigative journalism, if it ever existed, is never coming back.

Conservative media has been following the same script for years, talk and distract. There is no action, just words but it sure does bring in a lot of money for the media outlets and personalities. Tucker Carlson is the new darling media personality for conservatives and he seems to do all the right things that conservatives want to hear. When he launched his new media venture, some conservatives were saying, “I’ll do anything for Tucker” when they were asked to pay $70.00 per year for a subscription. Most conservatives will follow and support whatever Tucker does because it means they can remain sitting on their butts and do nothing.

Unfortunately some people in this country, especially conservatives, will never wake up. They will listen and follow a news personality as long as they like what they see and hear. It means they don’t have to do anything because the media personality has it all under control and is telling them what to do. That’s why this country is in dire straits because too many people have sat on their butts, watched television, listened to talk radio and have done absolutely nothing. Can you imagine the power and influence that was lost because these morons just followed news and radio personalties instead of actually doing something to fix the country and better their lives. It is always easier to follow and listen to someone else, they are all sheep and always will be.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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