Congressional Investigations Are Useless
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May 20, 2024

Congressional Investigations Are Useless

Congressional investigations are useless because they are all for show and go nowhere. Subpoenas are worthless. Perjury is taken as a joke. Contempt charges are meaningless unless party that issues them has the presidency and Department of Justice.

Congress members and the arrogant witnesses mock the citizens of the USA during their testimony. Congress and those that are brought before Congressional Committees are above the law and not afraid of any prosecution. Unlike the US citizen who is afraid and usually crushed by the judicial system. Justice is not equal in this country and it never has been. There has always been two tiers of justice in the USA. One tier for those that write the laws, have money and power and another tier for those controlled by the law, whether the law is Constitutional or not.

Congressman Jim Jordan threatens but never follows through with action against the witnesses he calls in front of his committee. If he actually does follow through with his threats it makes great headlines but as usual it always leads nowhere. You can talk tough when you know you have absolutely no backing for action. All you have to do is look at the Benghazi hearings a few years ago, they went nowhere. No prosecutions. What does it matter? Bureaucrats are never charged and are s till walking free. They were never held accountable for deaths of US citizens. Another infamous and useless hearing was the investigation into Fast and Furious. Contempt charges were filed but the individuals were never prosecuted. Contempt prosecutions only happen when it suits the swamps purpose. Most of those that lead the “hearings to nowhere” get cushy and well paying jobs after they leave Congress if they perform well on the Select Committees and support the DC swamps agenda.

When a topic or subject makes the headlines or polling shows it is important to the public, some Congress member always says, “were going to investigate.” It’s all about politics and poll numbers. All for the camera, it’s all a show, it’s all scripted to get media attention and is always grandstanding but no action. Committee meetings are scripted just like most things from Congress and its members to get the maximum attention. Congressional members can talk tough during the hearing but they will never actually prosecute one of their own members, bureaucrats from their party or DC swamp members.

For as long as I can remember government bureaucrats, current and former politicians skirt the law and walk free. Bureaucrats servers are erased, hard drives destroyed, documents shredded and just plain arrogance show how much disdain they have for the USA and its citizens, These type of actions result in no accountability for those that perpetrate the offense. Politicians and government bureaucrats step on the US Constitution on a daily basis because they know they are above the law. Judges are beholden to the parties that appoint them to their position and there is always going to be pay back. Judges are human and it is human nature to be thankful to those that help you attain your stature. Justice is not blind and in the political world it is bought and paid. All you have to do is look at some past and current rulings and the political affiliation of the judges involved. In current news just look at the bias the judges have that are overseeing the Trump trials. Today as always, politicians can weaponize their investigations when they have the power of the executive legislative & judicial branches. If they hold only the legislative branch, investigation and hearings are just theatrics. Unfortunately when they get back the power of the executive branch they never go back and reinvestigate those that skirted the law. Once again politicians will not actually prosecute one of their own because they know that type of action could be used against them. Politicians always have secrets and they want to keep those secrets hidden.

All those in the public eye need to keep and gain support for their political future. All of it is planned and setup to continue the DC swamps agenda. If you think happenings in politics are a coincidence you are clueless. Politics has always been a controlled game and is manipulated by those that have money, power and an agenda. Money talks and the politicians jump to get their piece of the pie. They are puppets to money and an agenda. Politicians will do what is best for themselves not what is best for the country and its citizens. Launching investigations is nothing more than an act to show the public that they are doing something to solve a problem but in reality they can care less. All they care about is who is showing them the money and what it does for their own interests.

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