People Lose Common Sense For A Good Deal
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June 17, 2024

People Lose Common Sense For A Good Deal

People are always looking for a deal and will do anything to get it. With this in mind, you have to ask the question, With so much theft in the country where do all the stolen products go? Online auctions, marketplaces and other type of online sales outlets that’s where. Online marketplaces have created a thriving market for stolen goods. A lot of online personalities, bloggers and individuals brag about getting deals, steals and a “great” price. That just opens the door for more “questionable” purchases of merchandise online.

People actually believe the seller without any research. They say I verified on social media, it looks legitimate, that’s what people do or that’s how it works. They have no way or sense on how to verify where the products originated from. They don’t want to ask because they are afraid of losing the “deal.” They say the seller won’t give out source information because they are afraid the buyer will bypass them. A legitimate seller has no problem with giving out a source or explanation because the product has been purchased properly.

No one thinks about the information right in front of them. The response from the potential buyer is usually, “that’s how it’s done today ” and it’s just another excuse to get “a deal.” If they do ask they ask questions to get the answer they want. The reasoning is I can’t afford at normal price but it’s okay if it is stolen and heavily discounted because I got a bargain. Legitimate store and seller prices are too high, pPrices are too high, people are gouging, all of these are usually the reasoning behind the purchasing of cheap “questionable” goods.

There are a lot of tells that warn you of the possibility if the item is stolen, A cheap price is one of them but there are others such as rushing you to purchase. Photographs that look too professional. Photographs and descriptions of an item that don’t match. Profiles that seem really clean or patriotic. Those that list careers in logistics can be a key because they know how to move merchandise and get through restrictions. People always sight the online information to support their claim of innocence. They use a defense that social media companies “would remove the post if the product were stolen.” These are the same social media companies that allow pornography and all other kinds of questionable material online. These media sites are not interested in what’s right, all they are interested in is data, which means revenue. The potential buyer ignores all sense because they are getting a deal. The seller always have the same bio’s; in the military, logistics officer, working in a certain field or area, selling overflow items, has a source or can get more if you want them. The seller shows pictures of products at a business then say I have them at my house. The method of operation is always the same because it works. People are gullible as long as they think they are getting a deal.

These are the same people that complain about the loss of law and order, high prices for goods at the store, rampant shoplifting or lax law enforcement. They are also the ones that run neighborhood associations, participate in civic events, enroll in citizen police academies, try to be civic leaders and get their picture taken with the police chief. They are the ones that drive on the shoulder to bypass traffic and speed through “their” city. They like to tell others what to do to show that they are a leader but do the opposite for themselves. Hypocrisy at its best. They are hypocrites because they support the market of selling stolen goods. It’s okay if I don’t think about it or know about. I don’t need to use sense. It’s okay because it’s me.

Years ago bulletin boards in stores, swap meets and flea markets were used to sell stolen goods cheap, now it’s the internet and it is a free for all. Online auctions, marketplaces and other type of sales outlets have led to an explosion of sales for stolen goods and people can care less as long as they are getting a deal. The response usually is, “if I don’t know it’s stolen it’s not a problem.” Think! There is a reason why it is so cheap and the person needs to get rid of it quickly. Yes some people need money immediately to survive but you need to use your common sense to realize if the item is being sold for survival or if it is an item being fenced because it is stolen.

Things will not change or get better, more likely it will get worse. The online marketplace has been created and most of society is complicit because someone said they got a deal. Police no longer investigate small amounts of stolen goods because it is now tolerated in society. Nothing will ever change in this country as long as people have “the I’m better than you” or the “it’s different because it is for me” attitudes.

Common sense tells you that something is not right but you go through with the purchase. How would you feel if you saw your stolen goods being sold online? I know it is someone else’s problem and it’s different because you are getting a deal. Burying your head in the sand because you are getting a deal is not a defense. Property theft will continue to go up as long as there is a market to sell stolen goods. You can not say you are for law and order and continue to make questionable sourced purchases online. You are contributing to the crime problem and that is why this country is sliding down a destructible path. Unfortunately common sense has been replaced by the internet so no one uses common sense anymore.

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