According To Pope Francis I Am A Fool
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June 3, 2024

According To Pope Francis I Am A Fool

I do not believe in climate change. That means me and tens of millions of others are fools in the eyes of Pope Francis because we do not believe in the hoax of climate change. He calls us fools because we know that climate change is just the new name for weather. From the beginning of the earth when it was created by God there has always been extreme weather.

By believing the nonsense of climate change everything you were taught before about what is in the bible is wrong because now the cause was climate change. From now on all Acts of God will be referred to as climate change. The flood Noah survived was caused by climate change. The plagues on Egypt were not caused by God to help Moses they were caused by climate change. The weather that scared the Apostles was due to climate change. The storms and earthquakes after the crucifixion of Jesus were caused by climate change. All Biblical events were caused by climate change.

How can you believe in God and say the world is going to be destroyed by climate change? If it is going to be destroyed by climate change wouldn’t that be God’s will? Anything you do will not change God’s will so does that mean you do not believe in God?

The pope needs to start praising and fearing God instead of trying to act like one. This pope needs to look into a mirror to reflect on how much he has damaged the Catholic Church. By embracing the nonsense of climate change he is walking down a path to destroy what’s left of the Catholic Church. The sad part is that if he actually looked into a mirror it would probably crack due to his destruction of the Catholic Church. One of the largest creators of problems in the Church has always been the progressive religious order called the Jesuits. Most of the nonsense that is hurting the Church starts at Jesuit universities, colleges, schools and festers throughout the Catholic Church worldwide. Pope Francis as a priest was a member of the progressive Jesuit order that has influenced and tried over the years to destroy the church from within and he has continued this practice by leading the Catholic church down a divisive path.

Inviting and meeting with at the Vatican abortion supporters such as Democrat politicians and bureaucrats. Siding with abortion supporters to promote the nonsense of climate change is just one of the divisive traits of this pope. There are many others such as splitting the church by not allowing the Latin Mass. Ignoring the clergy sexual abuse scandals worldwide. Not addressing the homosexuality problem in the church. Siding with the communists in China that are persecuting Catholic bishops and priests. Also siding with the Chinese government in the selection of bishops in China. Not condemning or mentioning the assault and slaughter of Christians and Catholics worldwide by governments and other religions. Issuing conflicting statements on the LGBTQ nonsense. Releasing confusing decisions and Press Releases concerning church doctrine. Removing bishops and priests that actually support, preach and promote the traditional church’s teachings. And the list keeps growing.

The only fools are the ones that actually believe this nonsense from the global elites. The elites have an agenda that wants to alter the earths population into a bunch of mindless fools that blindly follow their plans. I can think for myself and I have no interest in following the nonsense that come from the globalist that are constantly telling me what to do. The pope needs to stop dividing the Catholic Church, stay in his lane and concentrate on saving souls from sin. His job is to steer his flock into following God’s teachings, live a better life, retain from sin so their soul can go to heaven. All this nonsense of climate change has no place in the Catholic faith or in any faith. As a Catholic myself I reject this pope’s nonsense of climate change so I am a fool in his eyes. Fortunately I am not concerned with how I look in the pope’s eyes I am concerned how I act and look in God’s eyes. Pope Francis is not a pope for the people, he is a pope for the global elites and their agenda.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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