Congress Has Betrayed The Citizens Of The United States
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April 22, 2024

Congress Has Betrayed The Citizens Of The United States

Once again our elected officials have betrayed the citizens of the United States. They bend over backwards to fund foreign countries and causes with money that they gouge from the working class or borrow from foreign countries and banks. The have no problem burdening the citizens of their own country with debt to help countries that have enough money to fund themselves. The only causes these elected betrayers are not interested in is the plight of the US citizen, keeping the United States solvent and a sovereign nation.

Speaker Mike Johnson, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senators, Members of Congress and Joe Biden all drink from the same trough that is full of the swill of the Military Industrial Complex, Deep State and Rogue Government Agencies. These groups and individuals despise the US citizen and want to bleed them dry of any finances, freedoms and independence. They want the citizen of the United States to be slaves of the government and all its agencies. These rouge agencies, companies and politicians want to make sure the citizens of this country stay in their place, allow their pockets to be picked and never speak out. That is why they passed the extension of warrantless surveillance and put it on steroids. The sad part is the hardworking citizens of this country are already slaves to the government by paying taxes to prevent themselves from going to jail.

Citizens work hard for their money and the government, led by disgusting individuals, take that hard earned money and give away to foreign countries and causes. They take from the US citizens and give it to foreign countries and then they call us isolationist. The proper term for what these politicians are doing to the United States is called “Treason.” What kind of a lunatic and disgusting politician waves foreign flags in our seat of government that it called the “Peoples House.” This in your face attitude towards the citizens of this country is absolutely unforgivable. Spending our hard earned money and giving it to foreign countries is nothing more that the politician stepping on the citizens back to squeeze more cash out of a slave. Our politicians spit on the US citizen as they steal from our wallets to give to countries that are able to fund themselves. Some of our elected officials even have dual citizenship, that in itself is definitely a treasonous act. If you are elected your loyalty should be to one country, the United States of America, no dual citizenship. These politicians betray the citizens of United States to fund foreign countries and then gloat about their betrayal by waving foreign flags in the US Capitol. The only flag that should ever be flown in or on the US Capitol is The Red, White and Blue, the Flag of the United States of America. If you are an elected official in the United States, you wave the USA flag, if you wave any other flag you are a traitor to your country and should be removed from your elected position and prosecuted for treason. Unfortunately that will never happen because all the politicians are in on the scam so they will never hold each other accountable

The leeches in the Senate and House of Representatives don’t understand the United States is broke and at the breaking point of insolvency. Actually they do know this fact and have no problem spending money that we don’t have and what’s even worse is they don’t care. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter because they are both the same, they are the Uni-Party. Spend for our friends and business lobbies and screw the citizens of the United States. That’s the motto of our politicians and it always has been. Money talks, so we do what the money tells us, even if it means betraying the United States and its citizens.

One thing is absolutely definite and true, there is no such thing as a good and decent politician. They all have something to hide and are easily bought. They are corrupt and compromised and will do anything to save themselves even if it means betraying the citizens of the United States. They are truly scum and the lowest form of life on the planet. The sad part is they always have been but people were always too busy to notice or had the attitude it doesn’t affect me so why should I care. Those with that type of attitude are the ones that have helped destroy the United States of America and have brought us to this current perilous condition of the country.

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