Speaker Mike Johnson-The People Have Been Played
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January 22, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson-The People Have Been Played

When Mike Johnson was selected as Speaker many conservatives echoed the same response. He’s a good choice, they said. He will make a great Speaker, they said. He prayed, they said. Give him a chance they said. As usual it was all smoke and mirrors and another distraction and delay. He is another disappointment, that is why he received the support of all the RINO’s in Congress and as usual the hard working citizens of the United States have been played.

People easily get fooled because of an endorsement from former President Trump who has made a lot of bad endorsement in the past. Trump supported Kevin McCarthy for Speaker who was an absolute disaster and Dr. Oz for Senator of Pennsylvania who lost to a vegetable. Trump should stay out of these races and not endorse anyone. Donald Trump has more important issues to deal with if he want to be elected President once again. Stop endorsing existing candidates, it is time for new candidates to be elected if you truly want to change business as usual in Washington, DC.

Other Congress members like Matt Gaetz of Florida endorse name after name for Speaker without really making a choice. Gaetz said Mike Johnson would be a great Speaker and once again the Congressman was wrong. I’m sure he will make the media rounds to make sure he blames someone else for his bad judgements. Mike Johnson was a bad choice but no one had the guts to go against it. They all followed in line including another media hound Marjorie Taylor Greene, like sheep and supported a puppet Speaker of the House. As usual all these so-called conservative politicians are all talk and no action.

There was no doubt in most peoples mind that Kevin McCarthy was a bad choice and needed to be vacated as Speaker of the House. He turned his back on those that elected him and the citizens of the US. That became apparent when he made his farewell speech in Congress where he praised the other party but that was no surprise to the hard working citizens of this country. The Republicans and Democrats are called the Uni-Party for a reason and it’s not to help the US citizen. The Uni-party exists to play games that control the US citizen in every way possible, we are just pawns in the game being manipulated at every turn. Just look how the Republicans are basically giving away control of the House of Representatives. McCarthy quits like a big baby because he didn’t get his way, some are retiring for medical reasons and others are leaving for personal gain in the form of a new job. Interesting how all this is happening because the Uni-Party has been called out. It is almost like it is a plan to share or give power to the Democrats as punishment to the people wanting to change the way Congress works.

Congressman Gaetz had a good idea to vacate McCarthy as Speaker of the House but he had no plan to go forward. He had no candidate in mind to succeed McCarthy or the votes. That was apparent when McCarthy was removed by only eight votes. The Motion to Vacate the Speaker was doomed from the start because there was no plan. Gaetz basically was supporting anyone that was willing to put their name out for consideration and that was the direct result of no plan. Then out of nowhere and unknown Congressman from Louisiana was pushed to the front of the line for Speaker of the House of Representatives. He receives all the Republican votes including the RINO’s to become Speaker of the House. He is praised by Conservatives and then does what all Uni-Party members do, step on the US citizen. I am always concerned when a no name politician comes out of nowhere and it pushed to the front of the line. Obama was the best example. Now we know why Mike Johnson was pushed to the front, for business as usual.

Conservative media and individuals will never learn from their mistakes. Time and time again they always follow the delay and distraction because it is what they want to hear, report and repeat. It is always easier to get on a bandwagon that sounds good rather than actually trying to change who is delivering the message. That’s why we always end up with Uni-Party puppets like Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy or Mike Johnson. The alarm bells should have gone off when Mike Johnson received all the RINO votes for Speaker, they voted for him because he is one of them. Once again so-called conservatives settle for a do-nothing politician because he says all the right words. That’s why the United States of America in in dire straits.

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