All Eyes Are On Texas
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January 29, 2024

All Eyes Are On Texas

Today with the southern border crisis all eyes are on Texas. With the recent Supreme Court ruling Texas is moving forward to secure its border with Mexico. Governor Abbott of Texas put out a response to the Supreme Court ruling which made a lot of sense and cited the original Constitution and a few precedents. The question that needs to be asked is, Why now? The Texas border crisis had been a problem since Biden became President, so shouldn’t Governor Abbott have taken this position last year or earlier when the Biden Administration refused to secure the southern border?

At least 25 states, half of the country under Republican governors have sided with Texas on this issue. All the RINO governors are jumping on the bandwagon. Why now? Something just isn’t right or makes sense. All conservatives, Republicans and conservative media is praising the move. What are we being distracted from or steered to?

Today this country is suffering from judicial tyranny. A lot of current court decisions are being made from a political bias and not a legal one. The judicial system has always been more political than following the Constitution because most judges get their position from a political appointment. Look who supported Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Barrett, Mitch McConnell and other RINO’s. Judges are more political than judicial so it makes sense that these two are playing politics, but who is pulling their strings? Roberts switches from side to side like a light switch and Barrett has made some questionable rulings in the past. Is there another reason for this questionable Supreme Court ruling against Texas? Could it be another delay, distraction or new agenda to influence the November Presidential election?

The main question continues to be why did it take Gregg Abbott so long to secure his states border? The idea of sending migrants by buses was a nice stunt and received a lot of political capital and news headlines but it still kept the illegal invaders in the United States. All it did was shuffle them all over the country, even if it was to Democrat controlled cities. The busload to Martha’s Vineyard was actually funny with the way the island handled the new residents. It sure didn’t take long for the hypocratic Democrats to ship them to another location. A funny gesture by Abbott to show the hypocracy of millionaire Democrats and the media attention but once again the invaders are still in this country.

Governor Greg Abbott is a surrogate of the Bush dynasty, its followers and backers. Is there a plan to replace Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President. Could Abbott be the replacement on the ballot if Trump is not allowed to continue to run for President. With the poor showing of Nikki Haley is Abbott being groomed for the Presidential campaign? He is now showing a defense against a lax border policy which is key for conservative voters. Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House has floundered with legislation to secure the southern border so could this be a ploy to push Abbott to the top.

I am concerned with how quick the current situation escalated at the southern border of the USA. All of these tactics could have been done years ago, so why now? All the Republican governors can’t jump fast enough on the bandwagon to support Texas with its battle against the federal government, once again why now not last year? With all the nonsense that has been happening the last few years I am very skeptical of any action that happens so fast and leap frogs to the front of the news cycle. The US citizen is constantly being distracted with media events and usually is always let down with the outcomes. All we have to look at is the people leading this charge and what they have done in the past. Governor Abbott of Texas has followed the green energy agenda that led to the collapse of the states electrical system. I was there in 2021 when the power system went down during a severe cold spell. It was not a good situation. With that experience in mind the whole Texas border situation is starting to look like another distraction to lead us to another agenda. We will soon see.

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