Vehicle Kill Switches Means Control Of Movement
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November 27, 2023

Vehicle Kill Switches Means Control Of Movement

In early November 2023 Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky introduced an amendment to remove the vehicle kill switch mandate from the so-called Build Back Better Bill signed by Biden in 2021. The amendment failed due to 18 Republicans voting with the Democrats. For anyone with common sense this amendment should have passed unanimously or at least passing with all the Republican votes. Why didn’t it? So much for these 18 Republicans believing in individual rights. This is a perfect example of the Uni-Party in action because they know what’s best and don’t believe in the rights of individuals.

The mandate was created under the disguise of preventing intoxicated people from driving their car when they are over the legal limit of alcohol in their system. So for a minority of people the entire driving public has to be treated like criminals. Another situation of something similar to the Patriot Act in action. Due to some irresponsible morons the the rest of the country has to suffer and the government has control of the switch. What people don’t realize is this is not about preventing a drunk from driving, it’s about controlling everyone’s freedom of movement.

The kill switches that will be installed in vehicles in 2026 are another form of government overreach. This also brings to mind a few questions. How easy will it be to turn off or disable the car? What are the parameters? Who decides on the specifications. Can it be overridden? What about someone hacking the kill switch electronics? What happens if the switch turns your car off in an emergency, by mistake or by electronic error? We all know what happens when your computer gets the blue screen of death, could this happen to your car? There are questions about privacy, data retention, logging, an appeal process, misuse, errors, failures and much more. All these questions need to be answered and most of them have not been address or mentioned in the media. It’s all great according to the politicians, government, those with an agenda and the media.

Recently the actions of our politicians are moving in a direction to restrict our freedom of movement. Yes driving is a privilege and not a right but freedom of movement is a basic right as long as you are not incarcerated. With all the laws being passed recently, it seems the politicians want to treat all of us like we are incarcerated. Electric cars, 15 minute cities, bike only paths, pedestrian only routes, no vehicles allowed areas, bad for the environment restrictions, climate change threats, carbon footprint nonsense and many others are all paths to restrict our given right of freedom of movement.

This is why the Uni-Party is dangerous to the US citizen. They have no regard for individual rights and have nothing but disdain for the people of this country. They can talk all they want but the current Republican Party does not care about the citizens of the United States. They only care about power and how they can use that power to control the country and our lives. They are the same as the Democrats, only interested in themselves, elites and they money that puts and keeps them in office. The citizens of this country are nothing but pawns and worker bees to support the Uni-Party their causes.

Once again politicians legalize government overreach and do you really think it’s about keeping people safe? As always the government uses safety as a path to remove our basic rights. The support of vehicle kill switches is a result of the acceptance of the Patriot Act because most people will do anything if it’s in the name of safety. If you feel this way, congratulations, you ate the vomit from the politicians and government. You’ve been conned or maybe you just don’t understand the obvious. You are the reason the citizens of the United States will have our freedom of movement controlled because you are following the propaganda and illusion of government promoted safety. You are the ones that are forcing us into 15 minute cities, otherwise known as a prisons. You are also the ones that are supporting the control of movement of the US citizen and you definitely don’t believe in the US Constitution. The rights we lose today are the rights future generations will never know. When I hear your support of these Uni-Party politicians their actions I see you as an accomplice to government tyranny.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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