Speaker Mike Johnson, You Are A Disgrace To The US Citizen
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April 15, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson, You Are A Disgrace To The US Citizen

Speaker Mike Johnson, you are a disgrace to the hard working US citizens. Shame on you and all those that supported you for Speaker of the House which includes President Trump. Speaker Johnson by your recent actions, a spending bill with no border security and approving the continuation of warrantless surveillance, you have definitely showed that you are a member of the DC swamp.

Whenever you hear a politician say “it’s the peoples house” or “we are returning power back to the people” get ready for more taxes, a burden on your wallet and a loss of Constitutional Rights. It doesn’t matter if they are Democrat or Republican, they will screw over the US citizen. The sad part is they all do it and have been doing it for a long time because you can not find a descent person as a member of Congress.

For example Marjorie Taylor Greene is all talk but voted for the FISA bill to spy on US citizens in the first round. Since she was a McCarthy supporter I guess she is really against the US citizen because he would have pushed the same bill through Congress. That’s why she voted for the bill when it was for five years but it failed and then voted against it the second time after a lot of criticism when it was for two years because she got called out. You can’t make up this stupidity. Matt Gaetz was a big supporter now he is running for cover like a typical politician. Unfortunately even President Trump backs Johnson but in Trump’s case he has made a lot of bad political choices in the past, such as supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. Now Trump has made another mistake supporting Mike Johnson for Speaker. President Trump now has to support Johnson because of the lack of votes for a new Speaker. A “motion to Vacate” now would give probably give democrats the Speakership. This problem is due to Matt Gaetz’s poor planning and usage of the “Motion to Vacate” against the former Speaker of The House. Kevin McCarthy was also a member of the DC swamp and needed to be removed as Speaker but Gaetz should of had a plan to move forward. This is what happens when you act first then think. Due to Gaetz’s media hungry ego, we are now stuck with a spineless Speaker who is another DC swamp creature. With all the Republican resignations and a Republican expulsion it’s all like this is part of a larger plan to give control to the Democrats. All the resignations were just kids throwing a tantrum because they were called out for being sell outs to the US citizen. McCarthy threw the biggest tantrum of all and like a little spoiled brat he quit because he lost. These are the fools that have and are still leading this country. It’s all about them and what they can get from the US taxpayer. They spit and step on the US citizen constantly with everything they do.

Politicians do not believe in USA First!, Make America Great Again or the hard working US citizen. Mike Johnson came out of nowhere and moved to the front of the line when the Republicans were scrambling for a replacement for Kevin McCarthy. Johnson was a member of the swamp and that explains why all the RINO’s supported him. Speaker Johnson broke the tie by casting the deciding vote for the extension of warrantless surveillance on the US citizen. Johnson talks like he is for the citizens of this country but as usual he says one thing and his actions prove another. He says he is for the people but all you have to look at it is how this extension of warrantless surveillance protects the politicians and screws the US citizen. These pompous jerks voted for a law that exempts Members of Congress from same procedure. Typical elitist scumbags that follow the saying, “rules for thee not for me.”

As always Republicans and so-called Conservative politicians show they have no spine and definitely do not care about the US citizen. What type of a foolish person authorizes warrantless surveillance on its own citizens? It doesn’t matter if it is for five years, two years or one day, it is wrong and goes against the US Constitution. Republicans and Democrats are the same when it comes to Constitutional Rights, it means absolutely nothing to them. The US citizen is nothing but the funding mechanism for politicians and all their pet projects. The citizens of this country are nothing but working class slaves that are needed to fund the politician follies and that is why they authorized the warrantless surveillance. They want to make sure the US citizen keeps quiet, stays in there place and never realizes that they are being used. If you ever do get out of line you will be crushed and thrown in jail without any due process or rights. That’s how it’s done in dictatorship countries and now that is how it is done in the United States of America. Speaker Johnson, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and many other despots would be very proud of you because you shredded the US Constitution and allowed communist tactics to be used on the citizens of the United States.

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