Congress Today-The Same Old Swamp
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March 25, 2024

Congress Today-The Same Old Swamp

The Washington, DC swamp is still active and strong no matter which party is in charge. Once again our elected officials have spit in the face of the US citizen. This time it was passing a 1.2 Trillion dollar funding bill that does absolutely nothing to help secure our southern border. The politicians that talk tough, the Republicans, did the usual nothing to halt this type of pork-filled spending bill from being approved. The spineless Republicans cowered as usual in an election year. The GOP doesn’t have the guts to do what is best for the country and its citizens, all they can think about is how not to jeopardize their re-elections.

The spending bill approval should come as no surprise because nothing has changed in Washington, DC. Many Republicans and conservatives praised Mike Johnson’s selection as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Just the thought that all the RINO’s supported Johnson should tell you everything. Why would they support a guy from Louisiana that very few people knew. He came out of nowhere, gained RINO support and was selected as Speaker of the House.

Many people supported Mike Johnson for Speaker saying he was a person of faith and that he was a good conservative with strong conservative values. Congressman Matt Gaetz said Johnson would be a great Speaker and supported his selection. Donald Trump and many others also praised the selection of Mike Johnson for Speaker. How’s that working out for all those that supported Johnson’s selection now that he has turned his back on the security of the USA?. This guy just stuck a knife in the back of the citizens of the US. What kind of a fool allows and pushes a spending bill without any funding to stop the invasion at our southern border? What kind of negotiation skills does this guy have? Obviously none because he got run over by the Democrats and is allowing our country to be continually invaded. How many criminals and terrorists is he allowing to just walk across our southern border? I’m sure he will try to spin his failure by saying we’ll do better next time. Wake up pencil neck, there is no next time! You failed the country and its citizens.

Now after this crazy spending bill has passed and was signed by Biden the clowns are coming out of the woodwork. As usual in an election year the media hounds are looking for cameras and microphones to broadcast more of their useless words and gestures. Congressman Matt Gaetz is voicing his displeasure with the outcome of the spending bill but he needs to look at a mirror. It is his fault that we ended up with another swamp Speaker of the House for going through with his Motion to Vacate Kevin McCarthy without a plan and support for a better choice. McCarthy was useless and definitely part of the DC swamp but Gaetz barely had enough support to oust McCarthy and he had no new choice for Speaker. His support of Mike Johnson confirms that his plan to oust McCarthy was flawed from the beginning. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is another loud mouth coming out against the new spending bill. She has absolutely no credibility because she supported Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House back in January and during Gaetz’s Motion to Vacate. McCarthy would have pushed the same spending bill through Congress to keep all his swamp friends happy. Greene has now proposed a Motion to Vacate Mike Johnson as Speaker but as usual she is more talk than action.

All the nonsense and stupidity that is happening in Congress is just leading the way for the Republicans to lose the majority in the House of Representatives before the November election. All the Republican resignations and an expulsion is just a way to hand over control of the House to the progressives. McCarthy actually became a comedian when he said he was a fighter and not a quitter and then he resigned from Congress because of his hurt feelings. I guess in his mind resigning and quitting are different, either way it showed that he was part of the DC swamp.

That brings up another point, could all these resignations actually be part of a plan to purposely give the leadership back to the Democrats before the November election. There are too many coincidences and I don’t believe in coincidence, especially in politics. Right now with all the court cases and the craziness in Congress there is a joint goal from all sides to prevent Donald Trump from being elected in November. Why? It just shows it’s all about holding on to power and business as usual for the DC swamp.

As long as I can remember our elected officials vote for what is best for themselves and those that pay to keep them in office. Republicans and Democrats are the same and that is why today we have the Uni-Party in control. With this type of control and power of the Uni-Party the one thing that is an absolute fact is that the US citizen is always the one being screwed. The taxpayer’s of this country the ones that ultimately has to pay for all the ridiculous spending that Congress approves. It is absolutely disgraceful and treasonous to the USA and US citizens.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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