Watching Tucker Carlson-Too Little, Too Late
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August 14, 2023

Watching Tucker Carlson-Too Little, Too Late

I’m amazed how easily people like to follow television personalities as they move from one media to another. It is almost like a cult because it seems they are lost when the personality is not on-air or available. The most recent example of this is Tucker Carlson moving from Fox News to online, Twitter.

Whatever these talking heads say is always too little and too late. People absorb all the information fed to them and nod in agreement without ever getting off their couch or easy chair. What they don’t understand is by the time they are getting the information it is already too late. The other side has already moved forward and is getting ready to launch their next operation. People agree and regurgitate what they are told even though it is already affecting their life. It happens over and over, whether it be a radio talk show host, television personality or online media. People waist so much time watching and getting information on news items that they can do very little about. If people got off their butts and actually researched their own information they would see what is coming down the road way before they watch it on television, hear on the radio or see it posted online.

All people do is make these personalities rich and give them groupie style status. When was the last time you heard about television personalities being let go and lost everything they own? It doesn’t or rarely happens because they alway popup on some other station or media. Some thought the world was ending when Tucker Carlson was forced out at Fox News. He was lucky because he was able to move to online media such as Twitter, X or whatever it’s called. I’m sure the lawyers for himself and Fox News are making a lot of money trying to sort out the contracts between the two parties. It will be interesting if a court rules against Tucker Carlson, that he did violate his contract. Then what will happen?

In the end Tucker Carlson will be fine and go on with his life. How many people have waisted time watching him online and in interviews? Watching and listening to what he says does not enrich your life. It might make you aware of news items that happened but it doesn’t help you survive your day to day living. Does it pay your mortgage, rent or put food on your table? All it is a waist of time because basically you get breadcrumbs on stories for which you want more information. By wanting to hear more you continue to watch or listen which in turns makes more money for the personality. You’ve been hooked and you get a little information at a time that has already past. All that time waisted and you did nothing but nod your head in agreement. People that are actually trying to do something and change the outcome are being destroyed but it means nothing to you. You are watching a talking head or listening to a mouthpiece that is nothing more than a distraction. You defend them like a stage struck groupie whenever they are criticized or someone tells you what is really happening.

This is the way it has been done for years and there is no reason to change the format. It has always worked and it will continue to work until people finally wake up and see that they are being used. Say what you want but people are easily led and manipulated. They can say how independent minded they are but it seems they always follow some media personality. The reason is simple, it’s easier to watch or listen to somebody than actually doing something. You are the problem not the solution

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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