Electric Cars Are The Path To Control
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July 3, 2023

Electric Cars Are The Path To Control Freedom Of Movement

The big push today is for everyone to purchase an electric vehicle. Some states have gone so far as to mandate all cars be electric by a certain year. What people don’t realize is this is not about saving the environment, it is about controlling your freedom of movement.

People act like an electric car is a new idea but as always what is old is new. Electric cars were the rage back in the early 1900’s but gave way to the gasoline car because they were not practical. Funny how some of those versions had a better range than the current models.

I’ve noticed a lot of white boxes and/or containers near the charging stations. These are for the transformers and generators needed to operate the charging stations. The generators are run by diesel, propane or natural gas. So much for the claim of renewable or clean energy.

Where do you think the electricity comes from? The electricity needed to charge your electric car is produced by coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and a to a lesser extent, so-called “renewable energy” such as solar and wind. Once again so much for the claim of saving the environment as stated in the “green energy” propaganda.

How do you think the car was made? How much fossil fuel was used to produce the plastic, aluminum, steel and rubber that is used to manufacture the car? Manufacturing materials needs electricity, fuel and oil. Plastics and rubber are made from oil. To produce aluminum you need a lot of electricity. Steel production uses natural gas and coal. Once again, defeating reducing your “carbon footprint” strategy.

It takes the fire department more time to put out an electric vehicle fire and they need to use a lot more water. A fire truck has to use many times more water to douse the flames on an electric car fire versus a gasoline powered car. The fire department has to remain on scene longer due to the chance of flare ups. Take that water conservationist.

What about the car fires that are caused by salt water contamination? This is one of my favorites. Electric car batteries exploding after exposure and contact to salt water, like after a hurricane. So much for being safer. Do you really want to park your electric car at the beach?

What about vehicle range and charging times? It takes about 10 minutes to fill a tank on a gasoline powered car, get back on the road with an average range about 300 miles and have no concern about weather changes. With an electric car it takes about 30 minutes to charge the batteries with a fast charger and hopefully get a range of 300 miles. The range is also dependent on weather conditions so in cold weather the range is reduced. Is it really worth the hassle of trying to find a fast charger that works on your entire trip? Gas stations are plentiful and easy to find. Is is worth the extra stress on your life to always be thinking of fining a workable charger?

How much does it cost to retrofit your house to accommodate charging and electric vehicle? If your home does not have the high voltage electric circuits they will have to be installed and that is very expensive. In California there is not enough electricity to go around now and you think a few years down the road there will be more? When I was young, California never had blackouts, brownouts or outages. The electric system had plenty of capacity and the only time there was a problem was when equipment broke or there was an accident that took out power poles and lines. We now have a third world electric system that is not capable of handling the current needs and we are going to add more demand to a system that is already broken. One day you’re going to flip the light switch on and the entire electrical system is going to crash. Think about that when you are trying to charge your electric car.

More resources are used to actually produce and maintain electric cars. What about battery replacement, maintenance, long haul expense? All are more expensive on an electric car. What about travel restrictions with a low battery? Such as being stuck in traffic while you are using the heater, air conditioner or if the weather is cold. In California when the electric system is stressed you are asked not to charge your car on certain days. How easy is it to turn off or disable and electric car. What about hacking the electronics? In case of emergency what if your car is not charged?. All these questions need to be answered. Most of them have not been addressed or mentioned in the media. It’s all great according to the manufacturer, government, those with an agenda and the media.

With all the above, do you really think you are helping the environment?

Congratulations, you ate the vomit from the green agenda and government. You’ve been conned or maybe you are just too dense to understand the obvious. You are the reason we will have our freedom of movement controlled because you followed the propaganda about electric vehicles. You are the ones that are forcing us into 15 minute cities, otherwise known a prison. When I see someone driving an electric car, I don’t see a trailblazer I see a fool.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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