Politicians Demand to be Called Honorable
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September 4, 2023

Politicians Demand to be Called Honorable-They are Traitors

Below is a list and explanations for being a politician in the United States. It applies to both Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Independents and most that run and are elected to office. It shows arrogance for themselves and disdain for the voting public.


To Use the People to Get Elected
Meaning: The voter is only important to me to get elected. They mean nothing to me after the election. Voters are losers unless they vote for me.

Lie an Oath to the Constitution
Meaning: The Constitution is just a piece of paper, it is meaningless to me. It is not the law of the land, it is a useless piece of history. I am above the law.

Get Whatever I Can for Me
Meaning: Once elected get all I can financially for me. I accept my for my influence and position. I can be bought for the right price.

Betray the People that Voted for Me
Meaning: The people are losers and I am more important than them. Ignore the voters as much as possible during my tenure. I don’t care about their problems.

Therefore Betray the Country
Meaning: The country belongs to the ruling class, the politicians. We make the rules and laws. Politicians that make the rules and laws, we don’t have to obey them.

Run for Re-Election
Meaning: Make sure to get re-elected so I don’t lose my current position and cash flow. Tell the voter what they want to hear. If I say what they want, the voters will re-elect me because they are stupid.

Talk About What I Can do in the Future
Meaning: Tell the voter what I could do but can’t because of the other side. Always blame someone else for not doing what the voter wants, I never do anything wrong. Tell the voter I am “working for them,” even though I know it’s not true.

Get Elected Again
Meaning: Kiss up to the voter to get re-elected on false promises. Tell them what they want to hear and I am behind them all they way. It’s a lie but I always lie, that’s why I am a good politician. The sad part is the stupid voter believes my lies.

Start Over
Meaning: Get re-elected and keep the gravy train flowing for me. Repeat the process as long as I can. I became a politician to become rich and retire with my windfall. Only fools and honest people don’t get re-elected.

Make More for Me
Meaning: Make more money because now I am established. Companies, PAC’s and Elites will give me money as long as I protect them. The longer I am in office the more my fortune and influence grows. I am unstoppable, I am a ruler of the voter.

Do It Over and Over
Meaning: Oppose Term Limits so I can get elected over and over. The money keeps flowing to me as long as I protect those that are paying me. Kissing up to the voter every few years isn’t so bad and it pays very well.

I am a traitor to the American People that I am supposed to represent and the United States of America. All I believe in is power and money for myself so my life can be enriched. I am now the ruling class and elite of the United States. The people and the country are of no consequence to me.

The above has been a tried and true mechanism that has been used for generations. The only ones that suffer and pay the price are the citizens of the United States of America. There is nothing honorable about these politicians.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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