Only Fools Rush In-Matt Gaetz Is Not A Hero
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October 23, 2023

Only Fools Rush In-Matt Gaetz Is Not A Hero

The old saying, “never trust a politician” is alive and well in today’s world, you will be disappointed, taken advantage of and always a lot poorer. The following opinion is to make people think, I am not trying to anger people but the political process is extremely flawed. When I was young and failed at a task in school you got a big red “F” circled on your paper for everyone to see and ridicule. It’s time we start doing this again especially for politicians. The following is going to be blunt and harsh because the survival of the United States of America is at stake.

Firstly, Kevin McCarthy needed to be removed but the “Motion to Vacate” should not have moved forward until there was actual major support for a replacement. McCarthy was worthless and never deserved to be Speaker of the House, no matter what anyone said, he did not earn it. He was not interested in the American citizen because he was more concerned about foreign countries and special interests. McCarthy was not for the people of this country, our beliefs or the Constitution even though he would mail pocket copies to his constituents. It was all for show upfront but behind the scenes he is typical member of the swamp.

Congressman Gaetz it’s not about you, it’s about the country and the American citizen. What you did does not show strength or courage. You can say it was for the people but in reality it was just smoke and mirrors. You knew it would promote chaos and you did it anyway. Your posting about draining a swamp is not easy and how the original eight are standing together are nothing but propaganda. This clown show is just emboldening the deep state and strengthening the swamp. As always it’s about the money and how much you can bleed from the American citizen. You can say all you want but your actions tell a different story.

You had no plan and you went forward without any considerations of the consequences. You needed to save face in front of the American people. You should have known from the fiasco in January 2023 that you had no real support but you had to push forward because you were being pummeled after all your media appearances. You rushed in, screwed up big time and lost.

You distracted people from what is important with your stunt. Once again you gave people hope and let them down. How many more times will people fall for stupidity? You did nothing but promote yourself. I’m glad you were able to raise funds for your campaign whether for Congress or Governor. As always the American people get tricked and fooled into believing your nonsense.

Without a plan you were doomed to failure. This should be a lesson to all those that think they have the deep state beat. Your shoot first without a plan attitude just screwed things up. With your haste you actually made things worse that is why this country will never change. No politician thinks of the American citizen and the damage they cause to them. The simple “Motion to Vacate” was a on shot deal. It was like Apollo 13 on returning to earth “it was one shot.” You bounced off the atmosphere and floated into space. The one tool that was in favor for the American people and you pooched it without having a plan. You can go on all types of media and brag about what you have done and as usual it is all talk. You will have more media appearances to spin it any way you want but in reality you failed. Don’t blame anyone else but yourself.

Those that say “at least he tried” don’t care that you hurt the American people and how much damage can be done to the country in the near future. You are part of the “everyone gets a trophy” generation but I am not so I will tell you something you are not use to, “You Failed.” I know your cheerleaders will back you up saying you tried but enough, You Failed! Your entire stunt was doomed to failure when you went ahead with the “Motion to Vacate” without a plan forward.

This is not a game that you can hit the reset button and start over. The other side is playing for real and many hard working citizens of this country are being destroyed. The survival of the United States of America is at stake and you are playing games. People lives are being held hostage by smoke and mirrors.

You posted that both Scalise and Jordan were two respected and trusted individuals. So once again you had no idea on how to proceed. Scalise was never for the people so it was good he didn’t move forward. The way Jim Jordan was treated was appalling but typical politics. Jordan crashed and burned because the majority of Republicans in the House don’t care about the people of this country. Byron Donalds could be the first black Speaker of the House, was that your plan? Once again the RINO’s and Democrats will probably pounce. Donald Trump as Speaker is just propaganda because he will never get the votes. Didn’t you know that in the beginning. Could McCarthy return if drafted? Maybe. More likely Soros’ puppet Tom Emmer could become Speaker. Some Democrats would vote for him just to screw up the Republicans. The whole thing is a joke but it's not for the American citizen that is being shackled and destroyed.

Some say this whole situation is good because without a permanent Speaker the House can not spend money. That is a pipe dream because it won’t last long. You had no idea of the interim Speaker because it was confidential but that is also an unknown because of who is the interim Speaker, Patrick McHenry, a McCarthy crony. Is the Interim Speaker even Constitutional? A RINO backed by the Democrats could be selected or even a Democrat could become Speaker. How much irreversible damage could be done to this country in a short time? Was this the plan so you could play the victim and blame someone else?

Your action shows that you are a failure to the American people and let them down. Sure there will be the sheep that defend you but they are nothing more than cheerleaders and have no actual thought of the future. You say and post that you are draining in swamp and it is not easy or pretty. With your actions you probably just made it stronger. We knew it was there and now it will probably act more freely and out in the open.

You should have gathered the support of a lot of Representatives not just a few. You lost before you started and this is not just Monday morning quarterbacking, the results were right in front of you. You ignored the fact that you had slim support and that was evident when McCarthy was selected as Speaker in January. I’m a simple man and I knew this immediately, those that are highly educated should also have known there was no support for the cause. You kept posting about the “Motion to Vacate” and the “Speaker was out of compliance” but you had no support to back you up. That is why it took you so long to bring it to the floor. Unfortunately 8 out of 217+ Republicans is not support. It allowed the Motion to Vacate to pass but it turned into a clown show. We could actually end up with a Soros puppet or a Democrat as Speaker. That’s what can happen when you have no plan.

Congressman Gaetz you pulled the pin on a hand grenade and threw it. You will be fine and thrive because of all of your cheerleaders and backers. The American citizen is the one that has been blown to bits or maimed. That is the situation with the country today. Chaos feeds on chaos. Chaos in politics also leads to an influx of money for it to continue and in the end it never gets any better for the average citizen. You are not a hero. You fit well in the circus of Washington, DC. You are a politician that manipulates people but still gets a paycheck whether you help or hurt the American citizen. You are a perfect fit for the biggest circus in the world.

Never trust a politician. They spend enormous amounts of money for a job that pays little. Why is that? When they are done they usually have gained a fortune. How can that be? Simple they are bought and paid for and they serve the masters that supported them. The problem is the masters are not the voter. They are lobbyists, big business, corporations, agencies and elites. These are the ones pulling the politicians strings and the ones they serve. The politicians actions are not by accident they are by the puppet masters that control them.

Congressman Gaetz you can take a bow because you are a success at being a typical politician. Putting yourself in front for financial and political gain while you step on the hard working American citizen. You can be so proud of yourself but that’s what it always has been about, yourself. You are just another pool in the swamp and a failure to the American people. I’ve come up with a new term, “Gaetzd,” meaning rushing in with no plan to moved forward. That sums it up with what is happening in Washington, DC right now.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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