Republicans Are Like Nero
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June 10, 2024

Republicans Are Like Nero

Just when you thought the Republicans couldn’t get more clueless they get worse. Now it is about the Congressional softball game. The country is going to hell and a Republican Congressman is bragging about a softball game on social media. He posted “Republicans are ready to bring the heat against the Democrats.” He actually posted each day a countdown to the Congressional Baseball Game. Our elected officials are absolutely clueless people when it comes to the plight of US citizens. They are copying Nero and as usual history is repeating itself. Our politicians play games while the USA is being destroyed.

That is why I wrote the book,
“Politicians Checklist To Win Elections.” To a politician it’s all a game, it is all for fun and everything they do is to benefit themselves. All they have to do is give lip service to the voting public and they will be re-elected over and over.

Congressional Members use their propaganda social media accounts to promote themselves and their “pet” projects. The easy way to know they are clueless or oblivious to reality is they never respond to the criticism. Reading the comments on this Congressman’s social media post showed that a lot of people were not happy with him promoting himself as the pitcher in the softball game or about the game himself. He ignored the negative comments and continued to brag about the game in a post the next day. If they do respond it is because they are called out and it goes viral. When called out for nonsense they always say, “just look at my record,” “I am doing a lot for my constituents,” “I am their voice,” or “I am always working for them,” etc. It is always the same, just like a broken record, skipping and repeating the lines over and over.

People always ask when will something be done about the disastrous course the country is on? The simple answer is “never” when you have clueless elected officials promoting a stupid baseball game instead of talking or doing something about the problems of the country. Another sad part is they are not alone because even a former Congressman reposted the nonsense multiple times. It is amazing how they always promote and protect their own, the unwritten code. Things will never change as long as these type of politicians keep getting elected and re-elected. It’s a club and the average US citizen is not in it even though they pay for it. The country is overwhelmed by these type of politicians that are oblivious or just ignore to the plight of the US citizen because people always think that they can negotiate with them. People who say, “I have to work with them” or “I can negotiate” don’t realize they have already lost. You can not negotiate with wolves and snakes, sooner or later you will be devoured. That is the status of the USA today. The country is in dire straits because people said, “I can negotiate” or “I can work with these people.” The country is being devoured from within by those that we have negotiated with in the past. In order for this country to survive our elected officials need to stop playing games and actually work to save the country. Unfortunately that is too much to ask for the current bunch of Republicans in power. They are too busy promoting themselves and grabbing as much money, control and power as they can.

To those Republicans in Congress, I’m glad to see you can have fun. Unfortunately many US citizens have no time for fun because they are too busy trying to survive day by day. This country is going to hell and politicians are too busy playing games to care. I’m glad you can enjoy your playtime. Unfortunately many people in this country are struggling to survive and they can not afford to have fun. The citizens the USA are losing everything they have. Many are barely getting by and some have absolutely nothing left. It is not a game to them, it is reality. To see our elected officials bragging about a softball game shows the citizens of this country what is more important. Unfortunately it will never change. Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned, the Congressional Republicans are playing softball while the USA is being destroyed from within. Nero and Congressional Republicans are perfect examples of politicians that are clueless and oblivious to the plight of everyday citizens.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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