Politicians-Corrupt And Compromised
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April 29, 2024

Politicians-Corrupt And Compromised

The talk and actions of our elected officials always leads to questions. Why do they spend so much money to get elected for a job that pays a fraction of what they spend on the campaign? What is really in it for them? We know they are not running to help and protect the US citizen so who are they really running for and trying to protect? Why does so much money change hands? Why do they flip flop on legislation and spending? Who is pulling their strings? Who are they really protecting and why?

There are many guesses on who is actually pulling their strings; the so-called Deep State, Intelligence Agencies, Military Industrial Complex, Large Corporations, the Super Rich Individuals and others that have an agenda to control the country. It is probably all of those listed and more. We have no idea how many groups worldwide that want to control the USA and its citizens. One thing is for sure it is not for the citizens best interest. Politicians sell out the citizens of this country after they are elected to office.

A person runs for office starts off good but once elected always changes to business as usual. A sure sign is when they say they can work together with the other side or they get the support of the establishment and RINO’s. The actions of these elected officials tell us everything we need to know. The politicians take donations from PAC’s and Super PAC’s. They launch investigation after investigation that go nowhere. Nothing ever happens and no one is ever held accountable. So-called Conservative politicians talk tough, cower on command and follow up with no action. They are great at finger pointing and deflecting blame for their inactions. Never forget it is all about them, what they can get and what they have to protect to stay in power. All of them have skeletons in their closet. To stay in power they are controlled by those entities that have money. As with everything in todays world, money talks. Politicians have sold out the US citizen for the puppet masters that control their strings and they will continue to do it so they can keep their secrets in the closet.

It is curious that a lot of our politicians change their minds after they receive a briefing of some sort. They turn against the US citizen after they see certain information supposedly related to the vote ahead of them. These briefings are to show the politician who is really in control and as the compromised sheep they are they always vote along the lines of what they are told.

Another problem is the voting public. Years ago a politician got caught in an FBI bribery sting operation. He pled his case with the voters and he was re-elected and spent many more years as an elected official. After this incident he even lobbied and received funding for the construction of an airport. It was named after him but it was rarely used by the general public. He died while serving in office. This guy was compromised, corrupt and should have been expelled from his elected position. Talking about a bribe while in office meant he should have never been allowed to run for office again. He showed he could be bought but he conned the voters that he was doing a good job. I guess the voters were okay with a politician willingly talking about bribes as their representative. His explanation was he was doing his job for his constituents but it was more like for himself and his ego, not so much for the voting public.

Conservative media is full of former politicians that were in control of Congressional investigations that were all hype and no action. The only thing that there go nowhere investigation did was to enrich their wallet. It did absolutely nothing for the country or the US citizen except waste time. Why did they waste so much time and money on an investigation that did nothing? Their investigations were nothing more that a show and distraction. One of the best examples was the Benghazi investigation, a lot of hype and theatrics but in the end no action and no one was held accountable. Why? Did the investigation fizzle out because politicians had something hide and they were afraid it would end their political career? Were they promised a new job if they watered down the investigation and allowed it end without any action? Unfortunately with Congressional investigations by so-called conservatives, it is always the same story, talk but no action.

Politicians are not elected to help the US citizen but they are selected by those that control the money. They are selected to support corporations, business, foreign government and causes. They are not independent. elected officials all owe someone somewhere, that’s how they got their position. They are not pure, they are corrupt and compromised. Politicians show that they are controlled by the way they investigate, they never go after one of their own. If they do they know someone will eventually come after them so it is better to do nothing. They talk like they actually have taken action but in reality it is nothing but a show and lip service to distract the US citizen from knowing the truth. Unfortunately most people fall for it because they waste their time watching main stream media, conservative media and listen to talk radio. All of which tell them what they should believe and how to think. They prop up some politicians as good and others as bad so the sheep will think something is being done. All the hype from all sides is nothing more than a delay and distraction technique that has worked flawlessly for many years. It has worked so well that most people still fall for it everyday. The message is controlled and always has been. Nothing will change until the average US citizen wakes up and realizes they have been used, abused and taken for fools.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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