Politicians Use Social Media For Propaganda
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December 11, 2023

Politicians Use Social Media For Propaganda

Politician social media accounts are nothing but a source of propaganda. Constituents from their district and people from all over the country voice their comments on the propaganda that the politician posts on social media. It is even promoted as a way and some people think that this is a direct way to interact with their elected officials. Unfortunately the elected officials has no intention of interacting with their constituents because all the do is tell people what they are doing. They usually don’t read or interact to the responses. It is up to some staff member, who has become the gatekeeper of that information, to read the interaction with constituents and the public. It’s all for show.

Some politicians have multiple social media accounts, do you really believe that they read every comment and response? They would be busy 24 hours a day and these are the ones that can’t work a full week or 8 hours a day. You think they would actually read what the public writes? They don’t read the bills that they vote on and we think they are going to read our concerns?

Time and time again items are posted that are oblivious to what is going on in the country and sometime you just scratch your head and ask, “why.” I introduced this, I voted for that, I support this. Today I posted a picture of myself. I be appearing on this program, watch me. Other times they are tone deaf to what the public is asking or demanding. The citizens of this country are in dire straits and they are touting aid to a foreign country or cause. The southern border is being invaded by who knows who and the elected official are sending out holiday greetings.

They use their propaganda account to praise other elected officials, such as I support this guy and his motion to do something, he is a great person. I am proud to stand with this woman and support her amendment, she is a fighter. How about praising the hard work the US citizen does that funds your follies and causes?

Blaming someone else is the normal. I introduced this amendment to the bill but it was voted down. The other side keeps blocking me and defeating my causes. I am a fighter and I will keep trying but others are always stopping me. I am working hard for you is another usual post. Touting all the statements they have made are nothing more than public relation clips that they can use for re-election. If they were actually working for you they would be listening to you by reading the comments and responses. These are all bullet points to use for their re-election. It has nothing to do with what their constituents or public wants or needs. The politician is always running for re-election and trying to raise funds for their campaigns. Once again social media is a giant public relation campaign to keep them in office. It’s not about actually doing something, your comment, responses and concerns are meaningless.

A politician’s staff member or members has enormous power of the public relation blitz that is done on social media. They are the gatekeepers of the information and they decide what to show the politician. These staff members are probably the ones actually writing the social media posts for the elected official. It’s all part of the political media campaign for the elected official. The sole purpose is to keep the politician in the media spotlight, it has nothing to do with actually listening to constituents and any sort of action that would help the public. It’s all talk along with smoke and mirrors. As with anything a politician does it’s for their benefit not for their constituents or the public. If the elected official actually sees and responds to a social media comment it is because these staff members brought it to their attention. Most likely it would be for damage control because someone called them out on a post, the comment went viral or on the media.

We waist our time voicing our comments on social media hoping that a politician will read and respond. That type of interaction is rare unless they are publicly ridiculed, called out or the comment goes viral. Common sense tells us that they will never read all the comments because it is below them and they have no interests in what their constituents have to say. They are elected officials and they believe that they are smarter than us and have no accountability to the voter and citizens of this country. They talk a good game but their actions prove that they have no interest in our opinions or comments. It has been this way for a long time and it is not going to change anytime soon. They are elected officials part of the elitist group and we the citizens of the United States are just peons to them.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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