Republicans Calling For Unity Always Fails
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June 24, 2024

Republicans Calling For Unity Always Fails

Whenever you hear people talking about unity in politics that’s when you know you’re going to be betrayed. The current talking points sound very familiar with those in the past campaigns and elections. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell talked about unity in 2016. How did that work out? It didn’t because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were roadblocks to President Trump’s agenda. So much for unity and that’s establishment Republicans for you. They always have a nice photo-op of politicians together to promote unity and with Republicans that is all it is, a photo. They talk to the cameras, pat each other on the back, write letters, do nothing and seek re-election. Democrats talk about unity and stay united. Republicans talk about unity and backstab each other as soon as the photo op is over. That is one of the reasons I wrote “Politicians Checklist To Win Elections.” Politicians have used the same method over and over and have done the same for years.

Recently, how many times have conservative personalities said, “we will not forget what you have done’ we will remember what you have done” or “you will held accountable” etc.? Now these same personalities are talking about unity. They end the unity push with, after the election we will clean house. Unfortunately winning the election is the biggest problem and the establishment Republicans are doing nothing to help you win the election. These personalities sound like a typical politician talking out of both sides of their mouth.

President Trump has the support and votes from a majority of the citizens of the USA. If it is a true, honest and fair election, he will win in a landslide. Unfortunately what has unity and establishment Republicans done to prevent another stolen election in 2024 or for election integrity? Nothing! People need to learn and remember you can never work with these people and you can never trust a venomous snake at anytime. I’ve heard the term “unity” in politics too many times in my lifetime and the result is always the same, it fails. The Republican and Conservative side never learns and always does the same thing over and over. Calling for unity with those that betrayed you and the citizens of this country in the past always ends with the same result. Betrayal. This is the same as people saying communism or socialism works it just hasn’t been done right.

You will not be able to purge the snakes from the party, never have and never will. If you align yourself with them you will be betrayed. There is one chance left for this country and it is time to say the hell with Republican unity and move forward without the establishment hacks. That’s how we will change this country and return it to greatness. This is not negotiating to purchase property or a building. This is to try to save the United States of America from complete destruction and we have one last chance to save the country. Aligning with those for unity has never worked and has brought us to the bleak situation of the country today. So far unity has done nothing to secure election integrity. If we don’t have election integrity we lose and you will never have the chance to purge the snakes from the party. It all sounds familiar because it has been repeated over and over. It seems to be a play just to raise funds and I’m afraid it is going to end in disaster for the cause to save the USA from the destructive agenda of the incumbent parties, world elites and organizations.

Remember, it’s not about unity, these politicians just want to ride the coat tails of Donald Trump for election or re-election then unity will be forgotten just like it always has been until the next election. Ask yourself where were they before? Did they do anything to investigate and secure election integrity in 2020, 2022 or 2024? Did they fully support President Trump in the past or did they hinder his agenda in his first term, like Mitch McConnell? With all this talk of unity and since it worked so well in the past, I guess Republicans enjoy losing. Saying it is different this time and you can clean house later is just another play on words because it doesn’t happen. If you have election integrity Donald Trump will win, if you don’t have election integrity it is over. The people that are calling unity are basically saying that a useless photo-op is more important than saving the country from the snakes that have had power for years. It’s a broken record, skipping and repeating the same line years after year.

If it is a legitimate election President Trump wins by a landslide. Talking and siding with these “unity” Republicans will do nothing to secure election integrity. Taking a photo or having a press conference with them won’t help President Trump get more votes and it could actually cost him votes because people are tired of hearing the talk of unity with the same useless hacks that have been around for years and betray anyone that gets in the way.That includes President Trump, they have done it in the past and they will do it again. President Trump is not a politician and that’s one of the traits that appeals to voters and causes the DC swamp to panic. He does not need to stoop down to a politicians level. President Trump appeals to the everyday citizen of the USA and that scares the hell out of the establishment politicians.

Unity has been pushed for elections for as long as I can remember unfortunately it only works for the communists. I believe communism has taken over the White House and most of the Senate. Our politicians have failed us for many years and have gotten rich off the US citizen. Unfortunately many Republicans in power are not acting on ensuring an accurate for 2024.

For this country to move forward and regain its greatness it’s time to forget about unity and kick the career politicians to the curb. These snakes and members of the DC swamp will not get Donald Trump anymore votes. The everyday citizen of the USA is tired of these career politicians that bleed the people of this country dry financially. Once Trump is elected and becomes President again he needs to bring in outsiders to correct the course of this nation. He needs to bring in people that have common sense, are independent and are not beholding to the party or DC swamp. Hopefully President Trump learned this lesson from his last term, you can not trust establishment Republicans.

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