Our Current Judicial System Is In The Spotlight
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December 18, 2023

Our Current Judicial System Is In The Spotlight

For many years we have had faith in our judiciary system and thought of it as the last bastion of sanity. Today that is farther from the truth than ever before. Our current judicial system has become a clown show for the world to see because everyone has an agenda and it’s out in the open. The prosecutors, the defendants, clerks and even the judges have an agenda that is counter to their duties as officers of the courts. Justice is no longer blind and it is definitely not equal under the law or otherwise.

What’s going on? Do they all want to be media stars and have their 10 seconds of fame? Do they want to go down in history as the judge that took down a former President? That might be but at least they should try to follow the law. It becoming a circus and a side show all in one. I always that Congress was the biggest circus using all three rings but I guess the judicial system has now started performing in one ring. All you need to know about the current Judicial System in the United States Is on display in Washington, DC and New York City.

In Washington, DC a Department of Justice special prosecutor is ignoring laws and using questionable tactics manipulating the case against the defendant. He is openly disregarding the Constitution and invading people’s privacy and their right of free speech. A judge placing a gag order on a defendant running for the highest office in the land hindering his campaign. The gag order also limits how the defendant can defend himself and put forward his claims to innocence. A judge that basically is ignoring facts and is allowing her personal opinion of the defendant to write her rulings.

In New York City the judges clerk is associated with the Majority Leader of US Senate who publicly despises the defendant. The judges wife was posting on social media against the defendant. The judge in open court mocks the defendant and says in his court he can take matters into his own hands. A judge that is not impartial and actually boasts about it in court. Then the Court of Appeals backs the gag order imposed by a judge who is anything but impartial.

The list goes on to the point where some judicial rulings make you scratch your head and say, ”what the hell?” They beg to ask the question, did they even read the Constitution? Not today, the Constitution is meaningless and just a piece of paper in the eyes of the current judiciary. Think about this, how would the law schools stay open without trashing and retranslating the Constitution from its original form. These schools need to churn out lawyers by the thousands to keep the country in their control. What would happen to all the so-called legal scholars on the media, what would they talk about if the judiciary didn’t mangle the Constitution in one form or another. These talking heads need to seem more important than they really are so they can make more money. That one subject, money, is always at the center. Book deals and media gigs pay very well for those that have been in the spotlight or on an interesting case. It’s a big business and it has nothing to do with the law or Constitution, it does however have everything to do with power and money. The basics of a corrupt society.

It doesn’t matter which side you are on these actions should frighten you. It shows the world that justice in the USA is no longer blind. Personal bias has always been a problem with the judiciary but at least most of the time the judges tried to act or seem impartial. Now they don’t care and flaunt how partial they are to one side or another. It doesn’t surprise me because most of these judges are political appointees and the are just returning the favor to the side that appointed them.

Today there is a blatant disregard for the US Constitution. The Judicial Branch’s job is to interpret laws and rulings based on Constitution, not to make policy, laws or the evening news. The Legislature passes laws not the Judiciary. This is the basis of the three branches of government as stated in our countries founding documents, today it means nothing. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor said it best at a gathering where she gave a speech before she was confirmed for the Supreme Court, “judges make policy.” Judges no longer view the US Constitution as the law of the land. They look at as an old piece of paper that needs to be revised with their opinions. They forget that they actually swore an oath to the Constitution when they were seated on the court. As with everything in politics and the Judiciary is politics, judges like politicians just say words when they take an oath, but their actions speak volumes. Today those actions are becoming a laughing stock for the world to see.

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