The Fury Over GAB's New Pay To Upload Media Policy
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March 4, 2024

The Fury Over GAB's New Pay To Upload Media Policy

Many people have become furious over the new policy at the social media site GAB. The social media site has basically instituted a pay to play policy which means you have to be a paid subscriber to upload images and other media to the website. The pushback and firestorm of comments complaining about the new policy has been very interesting and in some cases deeply disturbing.

People are attacking the owner of the site by calling it an attack on free speech. They are misguided because this is not a free speech issue, it is his company, so you follow his company rules. You’re using his service and equipment but you are upset about his rules. You do not run the company. Nothing is owed to you. It is a business whether you like it or not. It’s called capitalism and survival of the fittest. If you want to stay in business you need to adapt to survive and move forward. Yes it could have been handled better by the GAB owner but once again it is his business and he can do what he thinks is best for his company. I am not a shill for GAB but it is common sense to realize it’s his business and he decides what his business does and doesn’t do. I am not speaking to defend him, this is my opinion. If he wants to make it stronger or if he wants to drive it into the ground, that is his right as the business owner not yours as a user of his service. Your recourse if you don’t like the new rules you can always use someone else’s services and abide by their policies. You have freedom of choice and you can exercise that choice. That’s another problem today, if something doesn’t go your way throw a fit or tantrum by issuing vile comments, threats and responses that are absolutely disgusting, lead nowhere, cause more harm than good and show your true character. Many of my generation are guilty of this tactic and it is extremely troubling. Maybe they should go back to what we were taught years ago by being told to “grow up” and “act your age.” How many of you criticize and show anger at the government for telling a baker he must bake a cake for a gay couple and now are the same one’s telling a businessman how to run his business?

There did seem to be a problem with the site; too many bots, too many haters and too much clutter. The same images and videos posted over and over. Everyone was trying to top the other person’s picture or meme. This type of content saturation does not offer many solutions and as usual nothing gets done. There are no accomplishments. All of it is just more distractions and a waste of time. One of the first things noticed a few days after the new policy went into effect there was less clutter and useless images on GAB, probably because of reduced traffic. In today’s society no one reads anymore, it’s easier to just look at pictures and that explains some of the outcry about the paywall for media uploads. When you write something, it’s always the same response, tldr, too long didn’t read. So no one writes, they just post pictures because there is no more thinking. People follow the thought of the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Unfortunately today pictures are manipulated and they can’t be trusted in any way, so a picture is not worth a thousand words, it is propaganda. As I wrote in this opinion in 2023; People need to grow up,

Yes other options are available to hopefully increase cash flow to keep his business alive but they will cause more outrage. The company can sell your data to keep costs down. This option infuriates people but what they don’t understand is that the data is the company’s information because you have posted it on the company’s system. It’s all in the company’s terms of service. You are using their service and their equipment for to host your information. Another option is they can show advertisements on every listing or post. This actually does more harm than good for the user and advertiser. It’s amazing how people complain about company policies but they use the company’s service and equipment. If you don’t like the policy what is your option? You can set up your own website and host your own images, videos and content. Unfortunately, what is the purpose of posting images, videos or other content? Hopefully you get exposure to a large audience. With your own website it is extremely hard to get a large exposure of your content. You are always relying on some other company to index your website and try to increase your audience.

I have set up my own independent website with my terms, which has gotten no exposure. I have duplicated it on Substack to gain an audience but I have to follow their terms for that exposure and my access can be terminated at any time. I also have set them up as pay to comment because of all the vile and disgusting comments posted on free sites. I write opinions based on experience, knowledge and common sense. I want to have actual comments that promote a discussion, not just attacks. I do not allow media uploads because I would rather read what someone says than look at a picture because words express their character. Many people disagree with what I write and try to degrade everything I say. My attitude is if people want to trash me or my opinion they have to pay and write it out. I am not going to be destroyed for free. If you want to express outrage and anger toward my opinion it’s going to cost you some money and you’re going to have to express it with words not memes or pictures. What I have found is people don’t want to pay to trash someone with words, memes or pictures. They would rather do it for free or anonymously because there is no pushback. If you really believe in your words, like the old saying, “put your money where your mouth is.” It’s amazing no one does because they would rather spout off or upload a picture where there is no cost or responsibility on their part.

This is the problem with my generation. The “I got mine” attitude is the problem and wrong, no matter how you look at it. This is what fuels the Boomer vs other generations feud. People are upset because many Boomers have become the usual do nothing crowd that just follows others. Complaining about others whining and then you whine when it happens to you. Hypocrisy. If many of my generation acted instead of just listening or watching media our country would not be in the situation it is in today. Many times a lot of us were criticized for trying to rock the boat and actually do something to make our country a better place. I have no interest or respect for people that just listened to conservative radio or watched so-called conservative television. They caused today’s problems because they never did anything to stop destruction of the United States. They just nodded in agreement with the radio or television personalities.

This new policy at GAB will not affect me. I have reposted some images and uploaded 3 separate images over the last few years to promote the following opinions;

Politicians Demand to be Called Honorable-They Are Traitors,

McCarthy Was Removed. What’s The Plan To Move Forward?,

Only Fools Rush In-Matt Gaetz Is Not A Hero,

One got exposure the other two didn’t. I post my written opinions but no one wants to read, the response I get is tldr, too long, didn’t read. I have no problem with that because no one owes me anything and I don’t expect it. I have changed my strategy so I can survive just like everyone else. Like many people in this country I live month to month, I have no subscription services, I don’t own an expensive smartphone, I don’t drive a new or fancy car and I do not buy coffee at specialty shops or go out to eat. I pay for a place to live, food and internet service so I can try to make some money. Extra’s to the basic survival items are not in the budget at this time. In the future if funds become available I will have to decide if the extra cost per month for a social media service is worth the money for me and my future.

As far as the GAB pay to post media situation, people have to decide what’s best for them. In the end we will see if this was a good business decision for GAB. Time will tell.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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