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June 12, 2023


Self checkout is a so-called convenience that lazy people and those that think their time is more important than others like to use. They also use smartphones to run their lives and use big tech to solve all their problems. They have no idea or care about what they are giving up or who they are hurting in the process.

A lot of this started with the bank ATM’s years ago. When they were introduced the bank tellers were ordered to push the customers to use the ATM and praise its convenience. Every time I heard this stupidity I would tell the teller, “if everyone used the ATM they don’t need you.” Sure enough over a few years a lot of bank tellers lost their jobs. Today most banks charge extra for using a teller for transactions. Everything is automated, convenient and impersonal. Fees for using the ATM have become a big profit for the banks and another expense for the consumer.

Now we have stores that have self checkout. You scan and bag your own items or the new service of using your smartphone to scan the items, pay directly and walk out of the store. Once again how many jobs are lost and how much are you really saving? Customer service is non existent today and prices are still going up. It’s funny because most of the customer service complaint come from the people that use this type of service. They have caused the problem for all of us because they wanted convenience and the stores are pushing everyone into the same direction. Ever notice how some stores only have self checkout lanes open or only one open lane that has a cashier. It is all to force you to use the self checkout service so they can reduce labor costs and make more money. Stores have reduced staff and decimated customer service but have kept prices the same.

The users of this technology think they are more important so they follow guidance of large stores blindly like sheep and don’t realize what they are giving up. With electronic scanners the companies have all the information on the products we buy. Credit card companies and banks have the same information. This data is important because it can be bought and sold. The industry knows how many sheep there are by how many are using self checkout. They know how many are using smartphone to pay. How many are using digital pay applications. How often you buy certain items and quantities. From this data they can tell what you are storing at home.

This all a push for a digital ID and payment system. This stupidity will be forced on all of us because of the lazy people and those that think their time is more important than others. Just like the adoption of the ATM this will lead to lousy customer service, no reduction in costs and more profit for the stores. With the digital ID and payment system it also means more control over what we buy, when we buy and where we buy. Once again the convenience stupidity leads to more control of our lives. This is what lazy people and prima donnas have done to society, for their convenience they screw everybody else.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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