McCarthy Was Removed As Speaker
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October 9, 2023

McCarthy Was Removed As Speaker. What’s The Plan To Move Forward?

Last week the House of Representative voted on a Motion to Vacate the Speaker, Kevin McCarthy. The motion to vacate was introduced by Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida. The motion passed when 8 Republican House Members voted against McCarthy and he was removed as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Now don’t get me wrong because Kevin McCarthy needed to be removed as Speaker. He never should have been elected Speaker in the first place. President Trump endorsed McCarthy because he said he deserved it. No McCarty was slime and he was a major part of the problem in this country. Habitual liars like him don’t change. I lived in McCarthy’s district. He was arrogant and talked down to his constituents. He thought he was better than the voters. He makes used car salesmen look like choir boys and I wouldn’t buy a used or any car from him. He never should have been elected Speaker in the first place and he didn’t deserve a “shot” because he did nothing to earn it.

Below are just some questions and observations from an old American citizen.

Is it just me or is something not right? Everything went too easy. What is the plan to move forward? Is there a plan? Or there is no plan and this was just a show for political gain? The margin to change course is too slim with all the RINO’s in Congress. All of it doesn’t make sense.

Congressman Gaetz did you really push the “motion to vacate” without a plan for a replacement Speaker? You were being pummeled by the American people to act instead of talk so did you put the cart in front of the horse to silence criticism? Was this what was best for the country at this time? Was this rush to vacate going to alter the way the House does business in the future? By your actions did you actually make it harder in the future to remove the Speaker? Did you might of actually cause more harm than good to save your political neck. Is it going to work or did you just sell out the American citizen? Did you destroy the idea of the single person “motion to vacate? Did you use it too soon for political gain? I believe the current version of the “Motion to Vacate” will be removed for next Speaker. Already several RINO’s are floating the idea in the media to remove the one person “Motion to Vacate” so this situation could not happen again. Recently it was reported that Gaetz was willing to negotiate the “Motion To Vacate” for the next Speaker of the House. What? The one tool that could keep the politicians in check and he’s willing to negotiate? Smell like a rat. If there is no plan, Congressman Gaetz is not a hero, he is a typical politician that turned his back on the American people.

Jim Jordan is being pushed to the front of the pack. By who? The fiasco that happened in January do you really think there are enough RINO votes for Jordan? If there are would that mean Jim Jordan is a RINO? House Representatives for Jordan all are lining up and that makes me skeptical. Where was he in January 2023? At that time he said he didn’t want to be Speaker and he through his support behind McCarthy Why? Did he think McCarthy deserved it? Why is he lobbying for the job now? All these people jumping on the bandwagon like it’s really going to change the swamp or just continue its power?

President Trump has endorsed Jim Jordan. He was wrong about Kevin McCarthy especially when he said he deserved it. President Trump has made some bad political choices in the last year. Hasn’t he learned a lesson on trusting the establishment and their candidates?

What was the deal with Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer about their hideaway offices? McCarthy was betrayed by Pelosi and that he did deserve. If he would have supported the American people instead of covering for himself and serving Democrat issues he would still be Speaker. He turned his back on the American citizen for his own self-serving interests. He got what he deserved and will not be missed. Maybe if he thought more of the citizens of the country instead of Ukraine he might still be Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy was not the person he pretended to be when he was lobbying to be Speaker of The House, he is the perfect example of being part of the swamp.

Another major question is what happened to the original 17 that voted against McCarthy in January 2023? Not all of them backed Matt Gaetz’s “Motion to Vacate.” We know Lauren Boebert has crashed and burned but there was no word from the ones that were against McCarthy in January 2023 and supported him this time. Nancy Mace was a surprise but I would not trust her, everything she does is for her own political gain. Patrick McHenry was appointed as temporary Speaker of the House. He was a McCarthy ally is this why put the house in recess and sent everyone home? One Republican Congressman agreed and said tempers were high and a physical fight might have broken out. Are these adults or children that represent us?

With all the commotion in the world today some are talking about bringing McCarthy back immediately for Speaker. What? McCarthy said he wouldn’t seek re-election for Speaker but what if he was drafted by the majority of RINO’s? Would he take the job? That would be an interesting outcome.

A former Speaker of the House and several television and radio personalities are backing Kevin McCarthy even going so far as calling those that voted against him traitors. These people are the problem in this country and they are all over the media. These shills are all for themselves and against the idea of USA first and the average citizen. They make tons of money spouting off and supporting politics as usual. They believed in McCarthy because he deserved the position as Speaker even though he never earned it.

As always there are a lot of questions and very few answers. As usual the American citizen will be the one that loses. This is business as usual under the bigtop of the Capitol Building of The United States of America, home to the biggest circus in the world. As citizens of this country we are disgraced by the clowns voted into office.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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