Why Was Mike Johnson Selected For Speaker?
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May 13, 2024

Why Was Mike Johnson Selected For Speaker?

Do you really think the selection of Mike Johnson for Speaker of the House of Representatives was by chance? With recent votes and events in Congress it just shows the DC swamp is alive and well and is more powerful than before. Mike Johnson’s selection as Speaker shows the political swamp has no fear of being drained as it is getting stronger by the day. They are not afraid of the US citizen and are operating out in the open using the “in your face tactic” showing that they can destroy the United States of America for their self interests. Johnson’s turn on the US citizen in order to fund and support foreign countries and causes shows that he is not interested in the United States or its citizens. The authorization to continue the use of warrantless surveillance of US citizens shows that he is a member of the DC swamp and has no interest in the US Constitution or the rights of the citizens of the United States.

The DC swamp always has new faces but the result is always the same, screw and bleed out the US citizen. Politicians are not elected to represent the US citizen they are selected to represent special interest groups, corporations and the world wide agenda. Our quality of life never changes, sometimes there is a pause to make one side feel like they are winning but in the end the corporate agenda always gets passed by Congress.

The nonsense we are seeing today is to make the so-called conservative side look like they are taking on the DC swamp. Press conferences, podcasts, social media posts, etc. by conservative politicians are all to show they they have an upper hand on the swamp called Washington, DC politics. Unfortunately all these politicians that are touting that it takes a long time and it is difficult to drain a swamp are also part of it because it’s all a game they are playing so they can be re-elected and stay in office. It is amazing how they always blame someone else and want more time to complete the job. That’s how you know it is a game and politics as usual in Washington, DC, re-elect me so I can take action later.

The entire show of the Motion to Vacate Kevin McCarthy, the chaos of selecting a new Speaker of the House was all scripted and performed masterfully. All those involved needed to be in the public eye to keep and gain support for their political future. It was all planned and a setup to continue the progressive agenda. Even the last Motion to Vacate media blitz by Marjorie Taylor Greene is nothing more than a public relations stunt to keep her in the spotlight. Those that voted against Johnson can now say they tried but were held back by the Democrats support for Johnson. It was a safe vote for those Republicans so they could use it for their re-election campaigns. If you think all of this is a coincidence you are completely clueless, currently living under a rock or have absolutely no sense of the reality in front of you. Accepting the notion that all that is happening is not part of a global agenda just proves that you are the problem because you are oblivious to reality. Your acceptance in the past is the reason the country is in dire straits today and allowed the DC swamp to get stronger over the years.

Many ask if it is over why should we care or what should we do? What we need to do is continue to vote even if we think it is hopeless and the DC swamp is going to cheat again. Reality is they are going to cheat again so we have to overload the system with a massive amount of real votes so when they cheat everyone on the face of the earth will know they rigged the election. We need to make sure the clueless, those living under rocks and those that have no concept of reality realize that they are being used as fools by the DC Swamp. In the past voting has never stopped the chaos from continuing but it has delayed the global progressive agenda. Maybe someday something will change so you have to try. We must not make it easy for the progressives to win. We need to keep delaying the global agenda and hopefully this will cause the swamp to make a mistake. The global progressive agenda does and has made mistakes in the past. The citizens of the United States need to capitalize on these mistakes to turn the tide on the global and UN agenda. One of the biggest mistakes was when the allowed Donald Trump to be elected President in 2016, They let their guard down because they though no one would vote for an arrogant and pompous business man. They were wrong. Trump had a great opportunity to seriously damage the DC swamp if he would have followed through with actions for his words. Can you imagine the chaos that would have been created and the damaged that would have been done to the DC swamp if he actually was able to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted and jailed? Unfortunately he was surrounded by too many seasoned politicians and spineless Republican party insiders that destroyed his momentum at the time. President Trump at the beginning of his term had a Republican Congress and Senate and they stonewalled and pooched his agenda. At that time Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan did their best and succeeded at derailing the Trump agenda. The DC swamp won’t make the same mistake again and that is why they are using every trick available to stop Trump from being elected to the Presidency again.

Just remember to always be leery of an incumbent or career politician that talks about draining the swamp. They are usually part of it and are the distraction to allow the swamp to get stronger. They are the media hounds that are in need of attention and have absolutely no interests in following through with actions. The DC swamp has power over politics in this country, as always money talks and that controls the politicians of this country. All the members of the swamp and those involved are indeed traitors to the USA and its citizens.

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