Border Invasion, Title 42 Ends and Durham Report is Released
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May 29, 2023

Border Being Invaded, End of Title 42, Durham Report is Released-Coincidence?

There are so many distractions today to take our eyes off government corruption, politically motivated investigations, politician misconduct, challenges to our everyday survival and more. One of the biggest distractions was the release of the Durham Report. Why was this released now and what were we distracted from?

In this case the answer is simple and multiple, the border is being invaded and the end of title 42. Actually it’s not just the border being invaded it is the entire country. We have no idea who is actually invading this country. I always wondered why so many people leave their country to come to the USA when if they banded together they could probably change their country into something better. The way things are going we are going to find out because we are being invaded and soon to be pushed out of the country or destroyed. If we are being pushed out where can we go? That’s another topic of opinion. In the near term we need to stand our ground and do everything we can to hold this administration liable. Another question is how many terrorists are just walking into the country? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that terrorist are just walking into the country. What do they have planned? Where will they strike? I guess we shouldn’t ask these type of questions so that is why the have released a distraction.

To distract us from the border invasion, end of Title 42 and chaos the Durham Report was released. All the hope of prosecutions, jail time, impeachments were all sent down the drain. The report was a big nothing burger because it had no teeth. Sure it reported collusion and corruption but in the end it didn’t refer anything for prosecution. It was a big waste of time and hope. It was another cover-up of the cover-up. Just like former Congressman Trey Gowdy and the Bengazi hearings a lot of words but no actions. That’s the government at work, whether it is Congress or the Special Prosecutors. They put on a show for the camera and news but when it comes to actual prosecutions they do nothing. Why? Simple if they prosecute one of their own that means they could be prosecuted down the road.

Today the precedent on prosecution of political opponents is changing but not for good. With the Trump indictments it shows that the powerful have no problem manufacturing evidence against their opponents and hide evidence for their friends. This is a dangerous place to be and that is why we have a distraction when people start to wake up and ask questions. It’s like the child in the outfield chasing a butterfly when a ball is going toward him. The distractions are to keep the people pre-occupied with manufactured events. So far it has been working very well because most people are chasing the butterfly and are clueless.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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