More Lunacy From California
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February 5, 2024

More Lunacy From California

More Lunacy from California, this time it is Vehicle Speed Limiters. This is another law proposed by a lunatic State Legislator who has probably harmed more Californians than anyone in history. This nut has sponsored laws that are on a mission to destroy California, remove anything sensible and moral. The proposals introduced by this legislator have been very successful because most have actually become law. As usual the Republicans and Conservatives in the state are just neutered and spayed on-lookers.

This loon in the State Legislature recently introduced a law to install vehicle speed limiters in new vehicles sold in California starting in 2027. These speed limiters would not allow a vehicles to go over 10 miles per hour over the posted limit. There would be exemptions for emergency vehicles, law enforcement and the California Highway Patrol would be allowed to exempt vehicles at their discretion.

Another idea that lacks common sense and as always causes more questions to be asked. Vehicle speed limiters, what could possibly go wrong? What about an emergency situation? What about someone in imminent danger? Who controls the switch mechanism? Can the speed sensor be hacked? Can it make the vehicle inoperative? What about data privacy? Who uses the data that is collected? Can it stop the vehicle while driving? Does it work with the Federal Vehicle Interlock just mandated by Congress? Is this a new form of tracking? It needs to use GPS information for speed limits in the map database, will this data be used so will we no longer have freedom of movement? Is this another way to force pay by the miles driven on state residents? Will the data collected be provided to insurance companies? Would exemptions be available to only special people, celebrities, elites, politicians and their bodyguards? Is this another way to control the common driving public?

In all states driving is a privilege and not a right but as always it has nothing to do wIth safety, it has everything to do with control. It’s not about climate change or reducing your carbon footprint. Having a driving privilege doesn’t mean you need to be tracked like a dangerous animal, or maybe that’s the plan. It’s all about big brother watching and tracking everything you do. That’s where California and the rest of the USA have been heading for a long time. People just never believed that politicians in the United States would pass laws to control US citizens. They thought the Constitution would protect them but politicians and the judicial system have been spitting on the Constitution for a very long time. A good example of this is the so-called Patriot Act. A better name would have been the Control Act because there was nothing patriotic about it.

With this lunatic legislator and the nut job Governor Californians don’t stand a chance. The person that introduced this legislation is trying to take credit for the Federal Vehicle Interlock mandate that was passed by Congress. This Legislator says that safety laws like this start in California and go nationwide in a few years such as the Federal Vehicle Interlock. That should be a terrifying thought for the rest of the United States. California has become a sewer due to crime and this is what the progressives want to do nationwide. They made it illegal in California to argue with state officials or employees, which is another form of control. Who is the ultimate employee of the state? The Governor. Next are the State Legislature. Could disagreeing or calling them out on the carpet be considered the same as arguing with a state employee? In California who knows, because they truly believe in selective enforcement of laws especially when it pertains to politicians and state officials. Elected officials and unelected bureaucrats in California have destroyed decency, schools, neighborhoods, cities, counties, law and order. They have ignored the Constitution of the United States and have taken rights away from individuals such as freedom of speech, movement and the right to bear arms. Once again this fascism is moving across the nation.

California will not change because too many people only think of themselves. Some misinformed people think California will change when other people listen to them talking because they know better. They have no idea that their talk has been done before and as always there was no action. They are the same type of people that say Socialism and Communism hasn’t worked because it hasn’t been done right. These idiots are leading people to their demise with their nonsense. It’s time for people to get off their butts and reclaim California but that would mean risking your name and all that you own. Most people in California don’t have the spine to do what is needed. They will talk and tell others what to do but when action is needed they cower under their desk like a politician does when they are confronted by concerned citizens. That’s why the state will have to crumble before it can be rebuilt.

Under the current leadership and political climate California is done. There is no turning back because most people in California don’t care that the state is imploding. Republicans and conservatives talk a lot but they don’t actually do anything. They just continue to ask for money to help stop the craziness but they are actually part of it. It is a great way to raise funds for the party because they know they won’t do anything. The only hope for California is after it implodes there might be some people left that might want to rebuild the state from the ashes like the phoenix rising up and make a better place. They could rebuild the state with common sense, morals, law and order. That is a big hope because not too many of those type of people still live in California, they were smart and left the crazy state. I really don’t see it happening in my lifetime.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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