People Have No Idea Of The Past
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August 21, 2023

People Have No Idea Of The Past

Most people have no idea of the past because they think they are smarter than the ones that came before them. In todays big tech world it’s even worse because technology is doing everything it can to erase the past and rewrite it. Mankind has learned from previous civilizations and due to that fact people have survived for centuries.

Today people are too busy or just plain stupid to realize how they are repeating what has already been done. It’s like the fools that say communism and socialism work they just haven’t been done right. Or the arrogant idiots that do what has already been done before but think everything will change because they are doing it. It’s just plain stupidity.

I’ve been around for a while and I was taught by knowledge and experience from previous generations. My skills were learned from old timers and mentors. I supplemented that knowledge with my own experience by trial and error. It kept me going and safe from hazards. When I see others do something that I know will end in harm or possibly disaster I always say, “I wouldn’t do that” and I follow that up with an explantation. Most of the time they do it anyway and it ends up with a close call, getting hurt or disaster. All I can do at the point is bandage them up or call 911. “I wouldn’t do that” comes from years of experience. If the person end up doing what you told them not to, it is on them and they have to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately people are usually in a rush trying to prove you wrong and most of the time they prove you were right.

History is written about all kinds of mistakes made for generations. Listening to elders and people that were alive during that time you can easily learn from their mistakes. As usual the youngsters think they are smarter and push forward without ever seeing the consequences of their actions. College graduates are really good at this, they think they are smarter than everyone because of their education and not experience. Education is not experience and they usually learn the hard way that they are wrong. People need to listen, read and learn about the past so they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Politicians do the same thing over and over for generations and people still believe in their lies. The end result is always the same, the American citizen gets screwed and politicians get rich. Once again look back at the past to see the future.

The game plan for todays politics has got to change because what was done before will not change anything today. One side has been planning a long time on how to destroy the country and the other side keeps doing the same stupidity over and over. Just look at California. The Republicans buried their heads in the sand while the Democrats steamrolled over them. Just because some arrogant fool says they can change things because they know how to do it right is just going to be another failure. All while the other side is getting stronger and stronger. The Republicans in California are done they just don’t know it yet.
California is a preview for the entire country. If you don’t learn from the past you’ll will repeat it and it will be worse. The above could have been learned from how the Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt’s Administrations ran over the country and ripped apart the Constitution. The history from the previous century is definitely happening again and people just don’t care because the think they are too smart to let it happen again. Good luck with that.

Learning from knowledge and experience are the reason civilizations have moved forward. As always’ “those that don’t learn from the past are destined to repeat it.’ That translates into doom for the United States of America.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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