Listen To Me Because I'm Rich
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July 24, 2023

Listen To Me Because I’m Rich

I understand listening to business advice on how they became successful. What I never understood why people always listen to some billionaire for personal and life advice. The problem is a lot of times they are usually clueless to the struggles of common people as they strive to make a fortune for themselves.

The following are my opinions based on stories seen in the media.

A computer geek is a doctor, farmer and rancher. He talks about vaccines, population control, fake meat and chemically coated fruits and vegetables. Why do people listen to a guy who’s product that made him rich has a “blue screen of death?“

A car maker is a rocket scientist and neurologist. He builds cars, rockets and wants to populate Mars. That’s great and visionary but when he wants to put a computer chip in the human brain that is evil. Do you want life advice from someone that believes in trans-humanism?

A electronic device maker tells the world what they need to do and censors them. He runs a company that makes smartphones, computers and other smart devices with slave labor and bows to the will of a communist country. Enough said, people mean nothing to him. Why do you care what he says?

A nice old man is a ruthless tycoon. He’s been around a long time and has made a lot of money for himself and others. He is adored by Wall Street and investors. He swallows up small companies and turns them into corporate subsidiaries. His business sense is great but when he supports and donates to candidates that want to kill babies up to birth, he is an evil person. Why do you want life advice from him?

He operated an online retailer that became a behemoth. He destroyed small business, local shops and crushed major retail competition with low prices. He treated his workers like robots. He made so much money that he was able to build his own rocket. When he returned from the short trip to space he thanked all the people that made his dream come true. It’s great that his ego was lifted but how many lives were destroyed by his actions? Why would you listen to someone like this that openly shows contempt for the common person?

Actors, musicians, online personalities and other celebrities tell people how to run their lives. These people take cues from directors on how to move and how to talk for their profession. The have managers and assistants that run their lives. Everything is fake, fantasy and they live in la-la land. What do they know about real life and do you really want to listen to clueless morons?

TV, radio and online hosts berate people to force them into complying. They need to appease to sponsors and promote products. They also have to serve their network masters. Why would you believe anything they say?

Philanthropists tell people what’s best for them because they are rich. Some of these people actually want to destroy the USA. You have to change your way of thinking if you want their recognition. Many groups sell out just to get donations. Is this the way to change a charities mission or peoples minds?

And the list goes on and on.

A lot of them appear on countless media programs and channels promoting their agendas. The media always makes airtime available for the rich. Unfortunately some people absorb what they are saying with no thought whatsoever. That scenario is dangerous because it’s like a cult and people will follow without question. These followers will turn on anyone that disagrees with the celebrity, rich person or tycoon. We see that today with how people get defensive about the car producer on social media owner. They treat him like an idol. Even in politics people have this same crush on rich and celebrity politicians and their agendas. Look at California years ago with “Arnold.” He was a disaster.

Time and time again we learn that these people are pushing an agenda and it is usually not in our best interests. They talk a lot but their actions show a side that doesn’t believe their own talk. They are of the “do as I say not as I do crowd.” The hypocritic style they follow should be enough for regular people to dismiss what they say. People need to think for themselves and stop listening to the rich and famous. They steer people into what benefit’s them instead of what is best for you. Yes they are rich, some were lucky, some inherited money and others worked very hard for their wealth and that’s great for them. I do not listen to celebrities or business tycoons, they mean nothing to me with their advice or recommendations. I choose to do what’s best for me based on my experience and knowledge. No one know’s my needs better than me.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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