So Convenient, Leading People To Their Demise
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March 18, 2024

So Convenient, Leading People To Their Demise

Today when you hear the phrase “that was so convenient”, you realize that is the term that is leading people to their demise. The “so-convenient” mentality is widely accepted and it is not going away anytime soon. All you have to look at is the acceptance of the following technologies to make your life more convenient.

ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) one of the first so-called convenience items that led to non personalized banking. Self Checkout that did not lead to stores to lower prices or give discounts. Electronic Assistant Devices that are always on and listening to everything you say so they can “assist” you. Self Driving Cars that take some of the last tasks we do that call for a person to think and react. Smart Devices that turn anything on with voice commands or apps on phones and tables. Apps on Smartphone and Tablets that do everything people want without the need to actually think. No cash no problem, Credit Cards are the answer and allow companies to track all your purchases and give anyone a print out of the products you buy. Cashless Payment Systems such as pay with your phone or tap to pay leading the way toward digital currency, someone else’s control over your money and no more privacy of your purchases or life. Surveillance Cameras all around your home for your safety but people don’t realize that they are a bigger danger. Today people are so comfortable in front of Surveillance Cameras out in public and at home that they don’t give it a second thought. What they don’t realize is all this data is being stored on cloud computers and it could be in a foreign country. Once again the question has to be asked, who has access to this data? Another problem is most of these electronic solutions are easily hacked and exploited but hey, they are so convenient. With some of the above how much time do you actually save. Do you save any money? How much privacy do you give up to use the apps or services? Electronic devices today are always “on” so they can listen for commands, what else are they listening for, certain keywords? If the device hears questionable keywords or phrases do they alert law enforcement agencies? Do these alerts allow electronic surveillance to begin? Do they trigger a FISA court warrant or does it just initiate wireless surveillance? With these actions does it allow Big Tech and/or the government to electronically track everything you do? Once again look at all the questions that arise for using apps and services all in the name of convenience.

Now people are starting to us AI (Artificial Intelligence) for their lives and daily business. What could possibly go wrong or better yet, Why? Those that use AI for daily life have no originality because they are using programmed information from a multitude of sources. They are lazy because they think they are too busy to try to think for themselves. They are phony and fake because they hide behind and use someone else’s work. They are stupid because they are putting convenience over thinking and reasoning. They are fools because they are allowing an electronic system to run their lives which in turn can control everything they do and ultimately destroy them in the process if they go against what AI tells them.

No matter what you think or say, AI is dangerous and it doesn’t matter which side is programming it. Just the name alone “Artificial Intelligence” should scare the hell out of anyone who can actually think. Unfortunately those that are unable to think for themselves are the one’s embracing AI. They are aligning themselves with Big Tech, Big Businesses, Organizations With A World Wide Agenda and the Government that want to control the citizens of the USA and other countries. The people that support AI have become the useful idiots of the technology boom that will be a danger to all of us. They are the ones that are allowing Big Tech, Corporations, World Organizations and Governments push the average population into compliance with their agenda.

Another part of the so-convenient trend is Shopping Services. No need to go out in public and interact with other people. Television, all you have to do is watch and do what the actors including the ones reporting so-called news on TV tell you. Social Media, you can pretend to be anyone you want without actually doing anything from the comfort of your basement or room. Memes, a picture is worth a thousand words, even if it is fake. What do the above have in common with each other? No physical interaction is required and no thinking is needed just a few key strokes or swipe on a phone or tablet. The ultimate so-convenient options. Remember the above while you are sitting in your jail cell because you did something that used too much of your digital credits or exercised your right of basic freedoms, think about all the times you gave away your’s and others rights in the name of convenience.

When times get desperate and people are trying to survive a complete government take over and the loss of basic human rights there might be a time needed to go offline but there will always be some moron who will turn on their phone to check email and it will be all over. You probably won’t even hear the drone or missile coming. All you might hear is Kabo..! That is why I despise people that are willing giving away all our basic rights for convenience. They are a threat to us all with their selfishness.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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