Whatever Happened To East Palestine, Ohio and Maui?
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November 6, 2023

Whatever Happened To East Palestine, Ohio and Maui?

No money should be sent to any foreign country or cause from the USA while people are starving and losing everything they own. What about the people of Maui and East Palestine Ohio? You hear nothing about the needs of these residents trying to rebuild their lives. In fact these two items have fallen off the news cycle both mainstream and conservative media. There are so many questions but as usual very few answers. All you hear are the war drums from other countries and as usual the US Congress steps in line to help foreigners before US citizens.

At the end of October 2023 the EPA stated that the major cleanup of toxic material in East Palestine Ohio had been completed. Does anyone believe this? What about the toxic cloud that spread across the countryside and into other states? How much damage was caused to the environment and residents of those areas? How many people have lost their homes and were forced to sell because of toxic damage? What about the damage to the water table that feeds wells that are fed by streams, rivers and lakes? What kind of toxic damage has been done to farmland, crops, seeds, ranches and livestock now and for the future?

The entire toxic disaster in East Palestine, Ohio has been handled very oddly from the beginning. Nothing makes sense. I guess they were in such a rush to get the rail line open that common sense went out the window. One individual said, “they nuked the entire town to get the rail line open,” I guess that sums it up but it wasn’t just a town. It was multiple towns, cities, counties and states that had to be deal with this disaster. The aftermath, cleanup and effects will go on for years just like what happened with Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania over 40 years ago. As usual the residents of the disaster area take the blunt of the problem while corporations and government, deny, blame others and delay. This tragedy is not over for the people of the disaster area, it will continue for years to come. Unfortunately it has been forgotten by the media and bureaucrats in all forms of government.

Another thought, what’s going on in Maui. Do we actually have any reliable information from Hawaii? The governor put out a news blackout. Is that even Constitutional? The death count was adjusted up and then down, how accurate is it? We heard about black tarps and fences being erected to shield the disaster site from on residents, what are they trying to block? Residents were being harassed and arrested for trying to go back to their homes and retrieve personal items, once again why? Under an order of the Governor media was prevented from accessing the burn site to document the damage and the magnitude of the disaster, why? The police were threatening to arrest anyone, including the media that tried to violate the Governor’s order. So much for the Constitutional Right of Freedom of the Press. James O’Keefe filed a lawsuit for his media group to gain access to the disaster site and we’ve heard nothing of the outcome or if it’s even moving through the court system. News helicopters, planes and video drones were banned and prevented from flying over the disaster area, what are they trying to hide? Why the blackout? All you hear are crickets, no news or facts. Why?

Some residents were voicing complaints to local authorities but now you hear nothing. Maybe they were bought off and are happy with the $700.00 they received from the government. It makes no sense that their lives were ruined and there is no news. The Governor of Hawaii is acting like a dictator and no one seems to care. Why? Is there an agenda to rebuild Maui in a different form like a 15 minute city? No news at all, it’s like they want the country to forget so they can move forward with previously made plan. The media, government agencies and officials are eager to go along with it, why?

People are cheering the stunt the new Speaker of The House, Mike Johnson, pulled with the aid package for a foreign country. It paid for the aid by reducing funding for the Internal Revenue Service. I call it a stunt because that money should not got to a foreign country, it should go to the citizens of the United States. A lot of conservatives say the new Speaker has earned their respect with this action, I personally think it is a slap in the face of the US citizens. If you really want to earn respect and show that you Believe In USA First, use the money from the IRS to aid the people of East Palestine, Ohio, Maui and other areas of disaster in the United States. That action would show that you Believe In USA First instead of showing that aid to a foreign country is more important than the citizens of the United States.

Today very few government agencies, departments and bureaucrats have any credibility with the people. Politicians have zero credibility today with the citizens of the United States because it is always foreign countries and cause first, US citizens last. The people of the USA have been lied to so many times, especially in the last few years so why would we believe any government official today. It brings to mind the quote from Ronald Reagan, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” If you hear this slam the door and/or run away if you can because if they try to help they always end up destroying everything they touch. In some cases their actions might even kill you.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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