The Fury of Tucker Carlson's Exit
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May 1, 2023

The Fury Over Tucker Carlson's Exit

I am still trying to learn social media and a few days ago a news site posted an article about conservatives rallying behind Tucker Carlson. It read, “Conservatives across America are uniting in solidarity behind Fox News’ top anchor Tucker Carlson after news emerged that he parted ways with the company on Monday. (” I posted this response, “This is why things will never change. Conservatives looking at a “television personality” to save them.” Some people agreed and others became unglued. I know I hit a nerve because similar comments got no reaction on other posts. I got a response from someone and today you have no idea if you are talking to a person, bot or fed, who definitely missed the point of the comment. It’s amazing how people are so close minded and don’t see the point you are trying to make. The response to my comment was predictable and also reinforced my opinion that nothing will change.

If someone is on TV that means they are owned! They serve the master giving them their paycheck. Once they move out of line the powers that be remove you and have ways to muzzle you after you’re off the air. Look at Lou Dobbs, Megan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck and others. They never returned to their full television audience, Beck came close. Most likely if someone is working for a network the network is in control because they write the checks even if the tv personality says they don’t interfere, they always do to protect profits. It is all in the contracts, that’s how they silence dissent.

People need to get involved. Start at local school boards, town or city council and county government meetings. Go in person not online and watch how things are done. This is grass roots and where it needs to start. Local is the way, then move up as you gain momentum. State and national office is rigged against you. Look at California, it is lost and never going back. There is no easy way, grow up, use common sense, think for yourself, be a leader, be respectful. Participate in person not online. if you speak, be respectful and and look them straight in the eye when you talk. The more people in attendance shows you are serious. Online is just a voice or picture, it’s meaningless to them. The “so-called” pandemic was one of the biggest power grabs in history. That’s why they went to online meetings to prevent people from showing up in person and they could pass whatever they wanted without any resistance. Just look how they destroyed the schools in such a short time. Stop watching television because you need to get involved and follow through to make things change. It is not easy. You have to be willing to go all the way, you have to stick your neck out and yes you could be ruined. I have been there when I had a lot of support but when the time came to act I turned and looked behind me and nobody was there, They all left. I went ahead and was destroyed. I got up again and pushed forward. You have to be ready to go all the way and maybe lose everything you have and very few are willing to make that commitment.

This is all a distraction from what is actually happening such as the executive order on digital ID’s, the fed push for digital currency, bio-labs in Ukraine and Sudan, EPA regulation and many more items to come. What’s happening in East Palestine, Ohio?

Think about this and let it sink in for a few moments and use your own sense. The deal negotiated to review the January 6th Footage was that between Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson or Kevin McCarthy and Fox New to give to Tucker Carlson? Why was the first story about the guy in the horns and not about Ashli Babbitt? Why did it all stop?

Tuckers job was to inform and he did that, it is your job to act on that information not to sit on the sidelines and nod in agreement. Change happens when things are done. Yes, Tucker did report and expose issues that no one else was talking about. Did that change anything? Is the other side worried, no, they keep pushing us along to destruction. All it does is fuel some wacko to go berserk and give the other side more cause to destroy us. Another thing to remember they took down the number one show and number one personality in cable news. So with all those reports and shows, once again what has changed? I’m sure people will make excuses for this, they always do.

Tucker is a rich man, he will come back and he will be fine but how does that help you? Does it put food on your table, put gas in your truck or heat your home? We need to keep focused on what is important to us and our daily survival. Don’t follow a leader, be the leader even if you are by yourself. Make your own decisions, follow through and take responsibility for your decisions. Think for yourself, use the common sense God gave you. Ask questions, if it doesn’t sound right do research then make up your own mind.

We are past the point of trying to warn the sheep on both sides, they will never do anything. It is usually over when people drink the kool aide and both sides are drinking it by the gallons. It is not worth arguing with people that just nod in agreement but never do anything. These couch potatoes are the reason the country is in dire straits, they have a set mind and will not change. The other side is playing for keeps, this administration is picking your pocket while you are watching television. I’m tired of waisting time with people that have quirky screen names, spot off online with their one liners, thinking they are making a difference and feeling good about themselves but it is meaningless. They think they are forcing a change but always go back, look at the NFL, ratings are back up, did they change? Remember a few years ago Glenn Beck had rallies that had hundreds of thousands attending and watching on television. What happened to all that energy and momentum? Most of the politicians that attended became sell outs and did nothing for us.

In the end most people are not interested in reality or the truth, they want to stay comfortable. Don’t forget the signers of the Constitution of the United States pledged everything they had including their “Sacred Honor.” Are you willing to do the same? For most the answer is, “No.” Most people when confronted they will follow the wind whichever way it blows even if it takes them over a cliff. They will not change, we need to step away, work and talk to those that listen and actually will do something. Let the others go over the cliff, they are standing in the way do not allow them to snare you and take you with them. I think we are past the point of making things better, people would rather watch television or play games. I hope I am wrong because it’s going to be a bleak world for all of us if I’m right.

That’s A Old Timer’s Opinion.

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