People Just Repeat Soundbites And Posts
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January 15, 2024

People Just Repeat Soundbites And Posts

Without thinking people just repeat what others say. For many years clueless people have been following others over the cliff. With the creation of social media this has been amplified as well as increasing in frequency. Like the professor in old TV shows, they thought they were smarter than everyone else, they always caused trouble and hardship for others. They had no common sense or experience and they could not be trusted. Today this country is being split into two parts, those that can be easy manipulated into doing things and thinking a certain way or those that can think for themselves and do things on their own.

Some people criticize and are angry but they have no clue about what is actually happening. They have eaten the vomit of an agenda and will obey it to their demise. Several platforms push articles and posts with certain topics because they are part of the agenda. With big tech and government it’s all about control and manipulation. They do not want people to think for themselves. They have been conditioning people down this path for years and they think they have finally achieved full compliance. Unfortunately many have succumbed to the nonsense but a few are telling them to go to hell and that is where the future of this country lies. If people resist this manipulation and control the USA will continue to be the envy of the world.

How easy it is to manipulate people and push them towards a certain agenda? Very easy and it has been happening for a long time. Probably since the introduction of newspapers. They hide behind the banner of information and news but they are actually manipulating opinion for people who are not able to think for themselves. The United States is at a dangerous precipice and I don’t think we will ever be able to go back to where people actually could think. Media control and manipulation is actually nothing new. Since the introduction of radio and television people have steadily lost their ability to think and reason. They listened and watched and did what they were told to do by various personalities on the radio and television. People became mindless listening and watching the media because for some unknown reason they trusted the people they heard and saw. I guess it was because media personalties were famous, looked and sounded nice or presented themselves well on the air. Some of us retained our ability to think but were always ridiculed if we went against what others heard on radio or saw on television. Talk radio made it worse because people just listened while sitting in their chairs and did nothing but nod in agreement. If they actually got off their butts, got involved and did something this country would not be in the dangerous state it is in now. People could have made a difference but they chose to do nothing except listen to the radio personality.

That brings us to today where people are even easier to dupe and move toward an agenda. Social media is expert at manipulating people. Twitter/X, Facebook, Truth Social, Gab, Substack and others all manipulate toward a certain agenda with their recommendations and a majority of people fall for it all the time. Only a handful actually think and look through all the distractions that are being forced in front of them. The other part of this is how easy the parakeets come out and agree and repeat the nonsense and go against those that actually think for themselves and question the information. Once again all part of the manipulation scheme, con a few, other mindless people will follow and continue to repeat it.

This country is leading toward survival of the fittest and mindless people will have no guidance. The good news is that since they can not think for themselves they will not survive on their own and they will wither away to the betterment of all. You can’t fix stupidity and these clueless people that constantly repeat and post what they are told without thinking are as stupid as they come.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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