Foreign Call Centers
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July 17, 2023

Foreign Call Centers

This had to be one of the most stupid ideas to come out of corporate America. The executive that came up with this nonsense must have been brain dead along with everyone else in the corporate structure. It just shows how much disdain companies have for the United States and its workers. The amount of ill will that it showed to customers was just amazing and they kept doing it, hoping it would get better and people would accept it. As usual they were wrong but they keep pushing. The money saved never could cover the damage to corporate image and customer service.

It’s bad enough with the call quality on some of these calls, then add the fact that English is the second or third language of the person on the other end of the line. You spend more time saying, I can’t hear you, asking What? or I don’t understand. Then the foreigner keeps repeating the line or says, I’m sorry. Sometimes people get so frustrated because the other side doesn’t understand or listens to the problem that the conversation can become very heated. Raising your voice or swearing usually gets the response, I’m sorry you do not understand. I don’t blame the person on the other side of the line because they are just trying to make a living with the pennies they receive. I blame the company for everything that goes wrong. As usual it all comes down to money. They want to save on labor so they hire cheap labor overseas while people in this country can’t find jobs. The company excuse is labor is too expensive in the United States so they have to go out of country to reduce costs. Nothing like spitting on the American worker and your customers. Companies use their Public Relation machines to spin how good they are but using foreign call centers shows they despise their customers and the country.

Another problem is identity theft. With the enormous amount of credit card and banking fraud today it might be hard to tell what is a scam call versus a legitimate call. People have become accustom to the foreign accent when they call banks and credit card companies that if they get a call from a scammer they might not be able to tell the difference. The routine of not being able to understand is the same “what?, I do not understand and I’m sorry.” Once again customers are at risk and usually get screwed.

If I call a customer service line and get a foreign call center I never buy that companies products again. If the company does not believe in the US worker I don’t need their product, I can do without. If more people did this maybe they would learn to keep jobs in the USA instead of farming them out to foreign countries. In some cases because the bottom line was affected some companies have brought back US based phone customer service. Some are actually advertising it on their websites and media. That’s great but I would never trust that company again. They did it once, they will probably do it again, maybe not with phone or web customer service but with some other department in their company. They are always looking for ways to cut costs and make more profit. Companies have no loyalty, just contempt for the US worker, that’s the corporate and Wall Street way.

Today customer service as we knew it is dead and it is not coming back. Thanks to kiosks, smartphone apps, self checkout, ATM’s and a lot of other machines, human interaction is gone. The funny part is the one’s that complain the most are the ones that use the kiosks, smartphone apps and machines the most. You caused the problem for convenience now enjoy the result of your actions.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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