Revoking A Physicians Medical License To Practice
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September 18, 2023

Revoking A Physicians Medical License To Practice

I remember back in the seventies and eighties it was almost impossible to have a Medical Board revoke a Doctors license to practice. So much so that the attorneys got the idea of suing doctors for malpractice was easier than trying to have their licenses revoked. Most cases were settled out of court and as long as the offending physician could afford malpractice insurance they kept on seeing and prescribing medication to patients.

Even for Dr Death as he was called for his suicide machine didn’t have his medical license revoked quickly after his story came to the forefront.

Today Medical Boards are revoking licenses of physicians that question and go against the corporate or government narrative. I live in California and they passed a law to punish doctors that don’t follow prescribed science. Most of the physicians I have been to in the past are too far away, retired or passed away. I am a victim of this new California law because I was going to a doctor recommended by my health insurance. In January 2023 I went for my routine follow up. He went through all the vaccinations I needed like I was a dog at the veterinarian. Everything he said was opposite to what other doctors have told me in the past. When I started to ask questions his response was, “I have to be careful what I say.” I left and never went back. That is not a doctor I want to trust my health to, that is a pill pusher and a government stooge. He is more worried about money than the patients health.

I read last week that a physician in Tehachapi, California might have her medical license revoked because she told a patient not to get the covid vaccine. The law to punish doctors in California is currently making its way through the court system and a stay has been issued preventing the state from enforcing the law. The state legislature is even quietly considering revoking the law with new legislation overseeing the Medical Board. I guess the California Medical Board does not have to listen to the courts because they are still enforcing the law. The physician in question is now retired but this will put a scare in any doctor in California that puts what’s best for their patient first.

It is not only happening in the crazy State of California. Physicians are losing their licenses all over the country because they wanted to be honest with their patients. Now honesty is called misinformation. I call this insanity. Many of these physicians have helped thousands get through the “so-called” covid pandemic. These physicians were honest, up front and went against Big Pharma, Big Tech and the Government. They put it all on the line and now they are being destroyed.

This is the result of government intervening into health care. The American Care Act, better known as Obamacare, put the government between the doctor and patient. No good can come of this. When we go to single payer it will become worse because neither the physician or patient will have any say on their health care. We will be like Canada one solution for all, euthanasia.

The problem for us is that physicians and medical schools have sold out to the pharmaceutical companies and big technology. They went for the money, patients and good medical advice mean nothing. Medical schools charge enormous amounts for tuition and the doctors have to pay off all their loans back. The easiest way is keep your mouth shut and push the prescriptions. There is no money in healthy patients.

Now the government enters the picture and threatens the physicians cash flow for not following the state sanctioned explanation. Do what we say or will revoke your medical license. Anyone that brushes them off or wants to stay true to their oath and patients is ruined in record time. Gone are the slow walks by medical boards against complaints against doctors, before their excuse was we do not want to rush in and ruin a physician on frivolous charges. We methodically investigate, make our decision and that can take weeks, months and years. Today they accuse the physician of supplying misinformation and they revoke their medical license a few month later. Little investigation and no concern for the patients.

I am old enough to remember when doctors still made house calls. I remember when they talked about diet and exercise before prescribing medications. The doctor worked with you if you were willing to work with them. If they saw progress they encouraged you to keep moving forward. They spent time with you going over your routine and life. Prescriptions were a last resort if nothing else worked. They were interested in you as a patient not as money bag to put their kids through college.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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