New Mexico’s Governor Launched A Trial Balloon
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October 2, 2023

New Mexico’s Governor Launched A Trial Balloon

Recently the Governor of New Mexico banned the carrying of firearms by legal concealed carry holders in Albuquerque, New Mexico because of a rage of shootings. This is classic example of a trial balloon being launched to see how hard people push back.

Covid lockdowns were a pre-cursor to this type of tyrannical behavior. She used the phrase on her social media account to say she has the authority for this type of ban because it is a public emergency. Sound familiar. You can thank Democrat and a lot of Republican governors for this type of behavior. Even President Trump can be blamed for this behavior because he never came out against lock-downs, he said it was up to the states. I disagree with this attitude because if he didn’t believe in them he should have made a recommendation not to lock down the states. He played politics against common sense.

Some people might accept this insanity with very little pushback or challenge. But that was the purpose, some people will accept anything in the name of safety. Create a fear and the people will accept anything the government wants to do to overcome that fear. Sound familiar, they used that with the “so-called” Covid pandemic and people followed the instructions to the letter. The politicians will try to destroy anyone that speaks out against the official narrative.

What part of “shall not be infringed” doesn’t she understand. It’s pretty self explanatory except to a progressive, communist, socialist, fascist or democrat that believes only the government should have guns. We know how that usually works and turns out, just look at other countries with gun bans.

Leftist loons came out of the woodwork to criticize the Governor saying and acting like they supported the Constitution. A court has put a “Stay” on the Governor’s order. A local Sheriff refused to enforce the law and the State Attorney General won’t defend the Governor against lawsuits. That didn’t go as she planned or did it?

All of this seems too easy. It looks like a trial balloon was released to see how far the progressives can push gun control at this time. The celebrity and leftist loon pushback is all part of it. The Democrat Attorney General is trying to make a name for himself. The courts can go either way. The only one I believe is the local Sheriff, he answers directly to the locals and therefore is the last line of defense for common people. Local Sheriffs are elected at the county level and they answer directly to the voters. The local police department answers to the city council and mayor. Have you noticed that the Albuquerque Police Chief has said nothing about opposing the order. If we lose the county sheriffs we are done, most truly support the people and the Constitution. On that note, as always, there are some bad apples in the bunch and hopefully they will be voted out of office.

The progressives/fascists are going to try to gauge how muck flack they received with this over reach by the Governor of New Mexico. In this case the pushback was swift and fierce that’s why the leftist loons came out against it. The progressives needed to save face and they didn’t want he pushback to be one sided. The one thing that is for sure is the progressive/fascists are patient. They will analyze the pushback and try again at a later time probably in a different state they control.They won’t make the same mistakes again. They just need enough time to find a judge and a court that will go along with their over reach and tyranny. Remember leftist judges think the Constitution is just an old piece of paper, not the law. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor said years ago judges make policy. So much for swearing an oath to the Constitution.

This is what the citizens of this country gave up when they refused to speak out and push back against the Patriot Act. You gave up your rights without any complaint for public emergencies. The so-called Covid-19 pandemic was a great example of rights lost in “public emergency.” By your acceptance of this government over reach you helped the politicians control your life. This is the result. They might back down this time but they probably won’t the next.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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