I Believe In USA First!
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October 30, 2023

I Believe In USA First!

I Believe In USA First. It is not racial, discriminatory, anti-semitic or any other derogatory term, it’s just common sense. It is like the United States Flag is always the highest on the pole. The United States is going broke! We do not have enough money to take care of our own citizens so we should not be sending any money to foreign countries. All countries have a right to defend themselves using their own money. If individuals want to send their personal money to a foreign country for their defense that’s fine but for the United States as a country, that is not acceptable.

There are no dual loyalties, it’s one country or the other not both. You must choose to be a citizen and elected official of the United States of America or a citizen of a foreign country. If you choose the foreign country you should not be an elected official of the United States. Wearing a foreign uniform, flying a flag or wearing a pin of a foreign country in the Capitol of the United States of America means you are a traitor to the country and its citizens. You need to be expelled from office. No pins, no flags, no posters no uniforms, no banners, no speeches, no propaganda, no support period. Stayed focused on the people of the United States of America, your constituents that elected you to office. Your loyalty lies with them, not a foreign country.

There should be no support for any foreign leader to be addressing Congress begging for money and leaving with bags of cash. The only ones that should receive money is the American taxpayers of the United States. The citizens of the US are the ones that pay you and you are supposed to work for them. If your are giving money to a foreign country you are therefore working for that country and are depriving the citizens of the USA.

No money should be sent to any foreign country or cause from the USA while people are starving and losing everything they own. You spit on the US citizen while you praise foreign countries. You are the lowest of the low. What about the people of Maui and East Palestine Ohio? You hear nothing about the needs of these residents trying to rebuild their lives. All you hear are the war drums from other countries and as usual the US Congress steps in line to help.

Veterans have to wait years to get the care they need and that is a disgrace. At my last job I met an Army Veteran who had a prosthetic hand and the little finger was torn. He was holding it together with duct tape because he couldn’t get the VA to fix it. He was on a waiting list for over 2 years but we have no problem sending aid to other countries for flu shots. Fix the VA Health System! Our veterans deserve the best healthcare available and not to be put on a waiting list and forgotten. Not later, NOW. I know the US Service Veteran doesn’t make large contributions to your campaigns so they don’t count but they protected your butt so you can continue to do business as usual. Use US Taxpayer money to fix the Veterans Administration instead of sending it to other countries and foreign causes.

With the selection of a new Speaker of the House of Representatives some conservative media outlets are saying how great he is and how this selection will change the way things are done in Congress. Blah Blah Blah I’ve heard all this before and nothing ever changes. The new Speaker, Mike Johnson says he’s for the people and is supported by a lot of MAGA people including Donald Trump. Speaker Johnson’s first actions are considering using money from the US taxpayer for financial aid to another country. Yes he is for the people, to foot the bill to pay other countries. These words and actions do not sound like a person who believes in USA First. How can he believe in Making America Great Again if he wants to send aid to foreign countries? He said the aid would come from budget cuts, so what, it’s still going to aid to a foreign country. Budget cuts need to be implemented to help the US Taxpayer not another country.

A lot of other members of Congress applauded his move including the so-called conservative media hound and favorite, Matt Gaetz. So much for USA First Congressman. You said the swamp was being drained but it sounds like business as usual. Foreign countries first, USA last and the swamp and/or deep state sends aid to foreign countries. I thought they were scared and on the run with the selection of the new Speaker?

All countries have a right to defend themselves using their own money from their citizens. The United States has no business funding a foreign country’s defense. We need to fund our own countries defense like preventing the southern border invasion like we have now. How many terrorist have just walked in without any apprehension?

Another question is how does aiding a foreign country Make America Great Again? We want to remain the world’s leader but that can’t happen if we can’t take care of our own country first. We are going broke helping foreign countries and causes. The Soviet Union broke apart because they could no longer fund their satellite countries. They ran out of money for their own citizens. The US is going down the same path as the USSR years ago. We have money for foreign countries and causes but we have no money for the citizens of the USA. The politicians actually take from the citizens to give to the foreign countries of their choice. These are aid packages not loans. The money does not have to be repaid. When there is a disaster in the United States low interest loans are made available to residents if you qualify. It’s a loan and has to be repaid it is not aid. Foreign countries get aid that does not have to be repaid. US citizens get screwed and foreign countries get free cash paid for by the American taxpayer.

I am always concerned when someone comes out of nowhere and is pushed to the front. Obama is the best example. The Republicans were against Jim Jordan, a favorite of the people. All the RINO's voted for Mike Johnson, who is he favored by? Once again the American people are being played by the politicians. Some say the new Speaker deserves a chance and let’s see what he does. We are out of time, the country is imploding under us. Others say he is great. He says what I want to hear. That’s a great gesture and unusual but his actions tell the story. Happy thought are not going to get us out of this mess. It’s a game and we are being used. If the RINO’s supported Mike Johnson this is a major problem and causes major in his agenda. He says all the right things but his actions will tell us if he truly believes in USA First. So far he has shown he is a typical politician. First order of business is to consider aid to foreign countries and causes. He says we have to get or house back in order first but he is still considering sending billions of dollars in aid to a foreign country now. Once again a politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. We will see but I don’t think he will be any different than those before him. The members of Congress serve foreign countries and corporations not the American citizen and they definitely do not Believe In USA First.

We can not be the world’s charity. I Believe in USA First. Let other countries fund themselves. If we continue to fund other countries we will no longer have money available for the basic needs of the American citizen, such as securing our borders and national defense.Therefore we will no longer have a country. Who will send us financial aid to defend our country. No one. Foreign countries first USA last. Maybe that has been the plan all along.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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