Free Speech Is Dead In The USA
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May 6, 2024

Free Speech Is Dead In The USA

The God given and Constitutional Right of free speech is dead in the United States of American and it was the Republican House Leadership and so-called Conservatives who killed it. With the passage of H.R. 6090-Antisemitism Awareness Act by Congress, antisemitism is the new word to curb free speech. Even before it is signed into law if you disagree with the contents of the bill you are labeled an antisemite. Why in the world is the United States Congress passing a law which caters to a certain group over the rights of all the citizens of the United States?

The New Testament of the Bible could be considered illegal. So much for Mike Johnson being a person of faith and a good christian, always be leery of those that wear their religion on their sleeves. As soon as all the fools touted Johnson because he prayed in Congress people should have known he was a chameleon and the same type of slimy politicians that he replaced as Speaker of The House. People were duped again by another low life politician that says one thing and then does another. Johnson knows he is protected because the GOP doesn’t want to appear to have given control to the Democrats even though the Democrats have control of the House through Speaker Mike Johnson.

Control speech and you control the human, people are slaves to those that have political power. Republicans, GOP, Conservatives are nothing more than useless titles because it always stands for no action. People jus melt and show praise when one of these traitors just nods in their direction, does a petty gesture and smiles all while they are sticking a knife in the backs of the US citizen.

The progressive agenda always goes through no matter who is in charge. Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Mike Johnson are all the same. Politicians are not elected to help the US citizen but they are selected by those that control the money to enslave the citizens of the country. But who is really pulling the strings of these politicians? The strings are being pulled by corporations, business, the super rich, intelligence agencies, foreign governments and causes. Nothing will change for our country until the average US citizen wakes up and realizes they are being used, abused and taken for fools.

The politicians of this country run away from the US citizens like cowards. They hide behind the police and use law enforcement to be their personal bodyguards. They use US taxpayer money for their personal protection all while they are keeping the US citizens away from asking questions about how the politicians are abusing their power. All you have to see is the way the J6 protestors have been treated. The politicians were scared like little children when the citizens of this country got a little over excited and did a stupid move like getting caught up in the moment. Even that is questionable because we are now seeing more evidence of a planned government setup and entrapment than a spur of the moment protest. Our politicians really want to show a flag waving grandma who is really in control and that she should never question their power. This is nothing more than in your face to the Make America Great Again crowd or those who believe in USA First.

The attack on our right of free speech in this country is just another step in taking away our God given and Constitutional Rights. The passage of H.R. 6090 is a major step in this direction and it should terrify anyone who loves the Republic, The United States of America and believes in the US Constitution. Our politicians hate the Constitution and the USA. The rights of the US citizen are rapidly being taken away by our politicians who are controlled by corporations, world agencies and people with extreme amounts of money. These groups and people are all following the same agenda to destroy the United States of America and its citizens. After a strong nudge like this the next probable action will be prison and possibly execution for dissidents or anyone that violates laws like H.R. 6090. That’s the way it is done in dictatorships, communist and fascists countries.

Unfortunately the United States is on the path to become a dictatorship, communist or fascist government. The sad thing is the group this law is suppose to protect should understand the dangerous slope laws like H.R. 6090 start because laws like this have been used against them in the past. Why would they ever support laws passed like H.R. 6090 passed in any country? It is nothing more than insanity and control of the citizens of the country for the people that have power. As usual the majority of the country is asleep and have no idea or can care less about how much they have lost.

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