It Is Over?
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September 11, 2023

It Is Over?

The opinion below is based on common sense and all the information that is public and in front of all of us. You just have to think. Use your own mind to connect the dots.

Nuremberg 2.0 will have Trump as its first defendant. Operation Warp Speed was a trap and he fell in it. All the deaths will be attributed to Trump and his leadership failure. Trump made a lot of mistakes, especially with who he hired. He kept some of the same hacks that have been around for years and was surprised when they betrayed him. One of the latest bonehead moves was when he said Kevin McCarthy deserved the shot at Speaker of the House of Representatives. That was BS, McCarthy deserved nothing because he never earned anything.

Trump is not coming back. You can hope all you want but the deep state will never allow Trump to get back into the White House. They neutralized that threat once before, they will do it again in a heartbeat. They are playing for keeps, the stakes are extremely high and they are not going to give up because you post a picture or witty saying.

There is no privacy and no place to hide. Due to our use of electronics, especially smart phones, they have everything. They have our voice prints, fingerprints, biometrics, health information and everything else. Anyone taking a selfie to access online doctors is giving biometric data to government agencies. Even if you try to be a private person the buffoon next to you, room mate, family or friend that isn’t so careful is destroying your privacy. I’ve said something at the table and my room mates phone lit up and answered my question. I never setup that option on my phone. Do not believe that they don’t have and hold on to this data. Data is a gold mine, literally and for control. And we happily give them all of our information. Social media is a trove of information on everyone, even the one’s that say they promote free speech like Gab. All that information posted on Gab is in government servers because the data is mined, even if the owners say it is not. If is is electronic and on the internet it is available to the government. Privacy is the new buzz word for some big tech companies, it’s all a scam because they already have all the information already. If you believe them you need to buy some ocean front property on the moon too. We are all tagged and being tracked.

Don’t think that you will be able to go off grid, hide and hold them off. You can’t. Ruby Ridge and Waco is nothing to what can be done today. They will send in a drone programmed with the information you supplied from devices over the years and with one missile you’re done.

Keep thinking AI and Drone technology is great, it is there to kill you not just to draw funny images and deliver packages. We are the cause of our own demise.

Later in life Truman regretted creating the CIA and today we are experiencing the consequences of that action. This was just an extension of the massive power grab against the citizens of the United States in 1913.

The other side has been planning this takeover for a long time. They want you to try something so they can drop the hammer on you. You playing right into their hands. You think the military is there to help you, maybe years ago but today the military is there to destroy us. Eisenhower warned us to be concerned about the military industrial complex and he was right. The military industrial complex goal is to control us and to terminate us if we get out of control. Think drones. It is a video game to the operator, they never have to look at the victims. Just point, click and destroy. Just how some bomber pilots never felt any guilt like the infantry or on the ground troops. The pilots never saw the face of their victims.

So sit back and make all your funny pictures and post your quirky lines on social media. We are done and nothing you say or do will change it. For too many years people have been sitting on their ass, listening to others and doing absolutely nothing because it didn’t affect them personally. I have mine so I don’t care. This country is doomed because of that attitude.

I get hammered all the time because people are upset that I am calling them out. The sad part is they always repeat the same line as someone else, talk about or quote a television personality or invoke just wait for “the plan” to work. They are just following the blueprint of the greatest psych-op in history.

People listened to talk radio for years and never did anything to stop the radicals from taking over. They were too busy listening to the radio, buying books and tea, waisting time and ignoring that the other side was getting stronger. Rush Limbaugh was not the greatest radio host he was the greatest distraction in history.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion and I hope I am wrong. I am pretty sure this opinion just put me on a watchlist.

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