AI (Artificial Intelligence)
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April 27, 2023

AI-Artificial Intelligence

AI, Artificial Intelligence, has been mentioned quite a bit in the last few months. Some say it is good for society and others say beware. It doesn’t matter which side your on, AI is a programmers way of grooming society to their point of view. The left is developing AI according to their ideology, so is the right and everybody in between. All of them are grooming (programming) to censor what they don’t like and ignoring facts is part of the mix. In the end it doesn’t matter who develops it, AI is dangerous, is a threat to humanity and needs to be destroyed before it destroys us.

Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle and it is never going back.

This is exactly what happened with development of chemical weapons and nuclear bombs, someone will always be working on it. Governments, corporations or even individuals will always be developing AI and therefore threatening the population.

Some questions that need to be asked, How many tasks are unavailable because of AI? How many jobs will be lost because of AI? How many lives will be destroyed because of AI? and there are a lot more. Unfortunately a lot of the above is already happening and those corporations that are developing AI don’t care about the individuals that will be ruined.

AI has been around for a long time it was just called something else, Computer Models or Simulation. People can’t get jobs because of AI and the assessment questions asked when you apply online. The financial industry used computer models, a precursor to AI, to deny loans and approve loans. A credit score is a direct result from computer models. I remember when credit scores came out, the lie was created that the loan approval or denial wasn’t based on your score but it was based on many factors. That wasn’t true, they never looked farther if your score was too low that why the auto loans were approved or denied in minutes. This is another instance of what they said is not what they did.

I do not trust anyone that pushes AI and I also believe anyone that supports AI is a danger to themselves and everyone else. AI is a threat to humanity but most people are too busy to see it and corporations are ready to embrace it because it means more profits. It is another way to enslave and control the population. When the human element is removed everyday living becomes dangerous and does not work well for the individual.

We are already seeing the dark side of AI from the information coming out in some media. What is being hidden and not talked about? Billionaires are talking about AI both pro and con and I don’t believe any of them because I don’t trust them. All of them seem to think they know what is best because they are rich and successful, in my book that makes me trust them less but thats another topic.

AI is not cute, amazing, incredible, fantastic or convenient, it is dangerous, will be deadly for some and over time will lead to our demise. It doesn’t matter what type of safeguards that are installed, there will always be a back door, hack or it might just learn by itself. This is being proven today with the information being reported about one companies AI and the CEO of the company has no idea how that is happening. Complete lunacy but this is a company who’s slogan was “Do no evil.” They might not be doing evil but they are creating it!

You can give it a human name, you can give it a cute name, it is all dangerous.

I’m sure they already have an AI algorithm that destroys free speech, opinions and any information it doesn’t like.

That’s A Old Timer’s Opinion.

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