The Special Prosecutor’s Action Is A Warning To All Of Us
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December 4, 2023

The Special Prosecutor’s Action Is A Warning To All Of Us

A disturbing revelation was made recently that should run shivers through the spine of the citizens of the United States of America. It was revealed the Special Prosector in the J6 case against Donald Trump issued a subpoena to Twitter for records on those individuals that liked, reposted and commented on posts made by President Trump. Twitter complied with the subpoena and forwarded the requested information to the Department of Justice about average US citizens exercising their opinions.

What the hell is this? So much for free speech and the US Constitution. I thought in the USA you have a right to your opinion but today the US citizens Constitutional Rights have absolutely no meaning with the political ruling class. This action with the Special Prosecutor and the case against President Trump is a shot across our bow as a warning that we will be prosecuted for exercising free speech and our opinion. The interesting part of this revelation is nobody is covering or is concerned about it. Very few media outlets are reporting on it and as of now, very few politicians are talking about it. You would think politicians would be screaming about this government overreach and making all kinds of media appearances to voice their opinion on this dangerous precedent, especially with the election cycle starting. Mostly crickets and the ones that are speaking out are somewhat muted in their disdain. Why is that? Most likely because they agree with the idea of going after critics and those that voice opinions against them or their actions. They want the US citizen to remain quiet and follow the rules and orders from the ruling politicians without complaint or pushback.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense should not be surprised by these actions when you remember what has already been implemented. In the United States we now have various censorship laws. The Biden administration even went so for to start a Disinformation Bureau. We have an enabling judiciary with radical and policy making judges. In some cases the judges are issuing gag orders against defendants so they can’t actually defend themselves in public. We have the secret FISA (United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) that is being used against US citizens for all types of reasons. It is being used domestically and there is nothing foreign about it. This court operates outside of the Constitution, all in secret with very little or no over-site. Federal agencies are using warrantless surveillance against its own citizens and assisting the FBI to raid and arrest several individuals. Some of these people were raided and arrested for voicing their opinions and making drawings about people and policies of the current and past administrations. And the list goes on and on. It almost seems like we have a dictator for President and the gestapo is running the Department of Justice.

There has been a war on free speech in this country for a long time, just look at the huge data center the NSA (National Security Agency) built a few years ago in Utah under the Obama/Biden Administration. This center along with many others across the country are there for one purpose and one purpose only, to collect data. The information collected has been spurred by Big Tech and Social Media because people post everything online, use the internet for everything and the government has access to that information. Computer searches, online posts and chats, phone calls, electronic purchases, banking information and much more is all in the databases of these centers. If you use the internet there is a record of it somewhere and it is probably in these data centers. This opinion most likely will make it into the NSA data center because it is critical of the system and administration. The list goes on and on because the government along with Big Tech, Social Media and money hungry corporations are all willing to store and interpret the information because the data is valuable and is a gold mine for government and big business.

The information and data is not only valuable for profit it is also valuable for control of citizens, just look at China and the way it controls its population. They know everything about their citizens and visitors to their country. This type of knowledge is capable because Big Tech is in bed with the Chinese government. In order to do business in China and have access to the enormous population you have to give the Chinese government access to your software code. It’s a perfect match for corporations, they get access to a huge market to sell their products and the government gets more control of its citizens.

The Obama and Biden administrations joined the world wide crackdown on Free Speech years ago. Currently the US and the rest of the world and are following China’s model on how to control their citizens. In the United States we have a do nothing Congress that is more interested in funding foreign countries and causes than protecting its own citizens from government overreach and control. Some members of Congress talk about what they want to do but in the end it’s always the same, nothing gets done. They talk, make headlines and help their re-election campaign but as always the US citizens loses once again. As usual distraction after distraction while our freedoms are being taken away and people just don’t care. Once again this was all started with the passage of the Patriot Act signed by a Republican President, George W. Bush. This was the Uni-Party in action, it was out in the open and people went along with it all in the name of safety.

I am old school and remember when you had to physically tap a phone line with a court order and judges didn’t issue those orders easily. Now all of this surveillance is done electronically and by computers. I know youngsters will tell me everything is ok, go take a nap, all is good and don’t get upset. Wrong! This is not a video game or topic to laugh at, it is reality. With all the technological advancement in the last few years and the increased use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) we are in the most danger in the history of the United States of America. The genie has been let out of the bottle and it is not going back no matter who is in control or uses the technology. Couple that with greedy corporations who will sell out the citizens of the United States for profit we are in dire straits. The United States Constitution has been shredded right in front of us and most people don’t care because they think it doesn’t affect them. How foolish they are and unfortunately we are surrounded by fools.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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