Social Media Is Eye Opening
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July 10, 2023

Social Media Is Eye Opening

I have always been hesitant about social media. I never joined Twitter or Facebook because I knew it was a waste of time and it always seemed like people were posting nonsense like food pictures. The other reason was I knew it was a great magnet of information for big tech companies and the government.

People post their entire life stories with pictures and commentary. Everything you want to know about them is online. That can become very dangerous especially where children are concerned. Some posted about going on vacation only to learn that when they returned home their house was burglarized. Sometimes you need to use your head and think. Your are giving all of your information to a big tech company and have just given up all your privacy.

The big tech companies censor what you post through their so-called fact checkers. These morons wouldn’t know facts if they bit them in the butt. What is the “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach BS? This makes no sense. If you have no reach then your speech has been censored. That is similar to taking the old town crier and gagging him so he couldn’t talk. Like allowing someone to get on a soapbox and speak but blast loud music toward them so no one can hear what they say. It is a game and people fall for it all the time. I know those that are saying the above stupidity are private companies and allow you to use their platform, so basically they can do what ever they want to your speech. I’m sure it’s all in their Terms of Service, which most of the time no one reads because it is too long.

What I learned from watching social media was that quite a few normal people post, respond to posts and like or dislike certain content. Some just read the post and like or dislike but never post anything themselves. Others just read the posts and don’t engage at all.

Then you have the wackos. They repeat stuff that is so stupid even conspiracy theorists dismiss it. Don’t get me wrong a lot of so-called conspiracies have come true over the past few years but these wackos are just plain nuts. They try to humiliate you but in the end they usually humiliate themselves with their stupidity. In my experience the wackos fall into three categories:

Real person-They need to stop sitting on their brain, stand up and let air get to it so it can breathe.

Bot-Why? Who is operating the bot. What is the purpose of it? Where is it located?

Fed-Possible operator of the bot. Entrapment. Just push to the edge and hope you take the bait on go over the cliff.

The third one is scary because we now know it is true. Reports of the CIA, FBI and other federal agencies working with big tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook to censor and report “misinformation” to the government. Say what you want, it is not misinformation, it is free speech. For a real person, even if they are nuts they use to have a right guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution.. The one that is not free speech is when a federal agency tries to entrap you. Once again that use to be illegal according to the Constitution. Unfortunately in today’s world the Constitution is just an old piece of paper. It means nothing to the government, federal agencies, bureaucrats and some judges. They believe nothing can stop their propaganda, censorship and control of information.

I finally tried social media with small company when I joined Parler. It was very basic almost sterile to me with the propaganda that was being discussed by so-called media savvy personalities.. When Parler was destroyed by Apple, Google and Amazon I joined GAB and that is where social media became eye opening and interesting. A lot of interesting people and a lot of wackos, most likely bots and feds. You have to be careful today because free speech is starting to become extinct. As of right now GAB is holding the line, we’ll see if it lasts. That’s why have my own website to post my opinions but even that can be taken offline by a company with an agenda. That’s another topic.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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