One Of The Biggest Betrayals In History
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July 8, 2024

One Of The Biggest Betrayals In History

I believe one of the biggest betrayals in history was done by Mike Pence in 2021. He did not only betray one man, Donald Trump, he also betrayed the United States of America. All the turmoil in the country today can be placed directly on Mike Pence and his cowardice.

Pence said he didn’t have the authority to question the results of the 2020 election. A strong descent man would have rocked the boat and refused to certify the election. Yes there would have been a lot of turmoil in the country but due to Pence’s cowardice that turmoil has been ongoing for almost four years. So you need to ask the questions, “Why was Mike Pence picked for Vice President in 2016?” and “Who recommended Mike Pence to Donald Trump?”

The party is the one that usually recommends the candidate for Vice President. Never trust the establishment party to pick a running mate that puts the citizens and the country first. The establishment pick is loyal to the party and themselves, they can care less about the citizens of the country. All recommendation and picks have a purpose not just to get votes but to hold onto power and control. Governors and non politicians cause a headache for the party to pick a running mate because they are too independent. Let’s review a few Presidents and their Vice Presidents from both parties.

Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale: Carter was a governor so he needed a seasoned politician that was under party control. Carter actually thought he could do good if he stood by his beliefs. He was wrong because the party had other ideas and that did not include morals. Carters Presidency fell apart and even the party pick, Walter Mondale couldn’t help him. Mondale’s career was ruined because of the association to Carter. The botched Iranian Hostage rescue that cost US Servicemen lives and an economy that was a complete disaster also didn’t help Carter or Mondale.

That led to the election of Ronald Reagan. Reagan picked George H. W. Bush for his Vice President. Bush was a former CIA director and he was the perfect pick by the party to keep Reagan under control. Reagan was a former Governor that liked to shoot from the hip and that scared the party. Regan and Bush won in a landslide and were popular but with Bush by his side the deep state could keep Reagan under control.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore: Once again Clinton was a Governor and Al Gore was a Senator. The establishment Senator was the ace to keep Clinton in line. It didn’t work out as planned, Clinton disgrace the Office of President and Al Gore remained a piece of wood.

Why did George W. Bush pick Dick Cheney? That’s easy to call because of the Military Industrial Complex. Another war was needed to finance the Military contractors. They just needed a reason to go back to Iraq and finish what was started Bush’s father. The terrorist attack on 9/11 opened the door for the Military Industrial Complex.

In 2008 the Democratic party no longer had to cover their real agenda anymore, the destruction of the United States. Barrack Obama was a freshman Senator and Joe Biden was a senior Senator. In appearance they balanced each other so the party could move forward with the destruction of the United States. The plan worked very well.

Now this pick was just in your face. Biden and Kamala Harris. Corrupt, dumb and dumber. Maybe the Democratic party needed patsy’s to cover for all the irregularities in government. These two definitely fit the bill. Biden and Harris are a disgrace to the United States and the Democratic party doesn’t care because they are forcefully enacting the progressive and communist agenda. Jail your opposition and control the population. Another well thought plan that worked out.

Now we look at Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Trump needed a politician on the ticket because he was not a politician and he was definitely not under party control. Pence was picked by the establishment party to ensure Trump would work with Congress. After Trump became President there was a lot of friction between Trump and the establishment Republicans. In fact Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan torpedoed Presidents Trump’s agenda. Mike Pence’s selection did nothing to help President Trump’s agenda move forward. During the so-called Covid pandemic Pence really didn’t seem to be a team player and just by watching video it looked like there was some tension between Trump and Pence. After the 2020 election debacle Pence’s true reason for selection came to light. He allowed a questionable election to be certified by Congress and the Senate. With this action, he not only betrayed Trump but betrayed a vast amount of the country. The interesting point to all of this is “Why has Mike Pence never been harassed by the Biden Justice Department? It is definitely a question that needs to be asked especially since Trump and many of his advisors have been indicted and jailed. Maybe it is because Pence did the job he was supposed to do by keeping Donald Trump out of the White House. It’s just a thought and my opinion.

One of the worst selections for Vice President happened in 1960. John F. Kennedy was young so the Democratic party decided that he needed a seasoned politician as his Vice President so they picked Lyndon Johnson. The Senator from Texas was not well liked in most of the country but Johnson had ambitions of becoming President but he could not get enough votes. The decision to pick Johnson proved deadly for John Kennedy. We all know what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963. When you look at the photo of Johnson taking the Oath of Office on Air Force One you just see an “I got It” smirk on his face. The expressions on other faces in the photograph along with Johnson’s smirk looked disgusting especially with Jackie Kennedy standing next to him with blood spatter on her clothes.

With the 2024 election coming up people need to understand President Trump is not a politician. He needs to stop listening and surrounding himself with politicians that can not be trusted. Talk of unity is a joke. Many have betrayed him in the past and they will betray him again. A prime example is Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. He endorsed Lisa Murkowski of Alaska after she voted to convict President Trump during his impeachment trial. If a person endorses a politician that voted to convict Trump for impeachment, that person showed that they are not on Trump’s side because they betrayed him with the endorsement. That person should not be considered for Vice President at anytime. Their bad judgement speaks volumes of their lack of character and loyalty. I know Trump likes to negotiate but you can not negotiate with anyone that is part of the DC swamp.

President Trump has to be very careful of who he selects for Vice President. He was betrayed in his first term by his own party and ultimately by his Vice President. Trump should not choose an establishment politician as a running mate. They are loyal to the party not to the country. President Trump and the citizens of the United States can not be betrayed or “Penced” again. If it does happen, there is no tomorrow for the United States of America.

That’s An Old Timer’s Opinion.

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