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What I Do and Don’t

I do not have advertisers. I make money by answering questions.

I do not recommend products, I might mention a generic product to do a certain type of task.

I cook with stainless steel and cast iron.

I use glass containers instead of plastic.

I like to grow my own vegetables.

I’d rather cook from scratch but I do use canned or boxed ingredients when necessary.

I make real food.

I do my best not to use GMO’s.

I do my best not to use Bio-Engineered food or ingredients. Who in their right mind thinks food grown in a lab is better than what is grown in nature.

I use a hammer not a nail gun.

I support small business.

I do not like big box stores.

I can think for myself.

I learn from doing and asking people with experience not from anyone promoting products.

I can tell when something is BS or legitimate.

I do not understand the “influencer” trend. I do not understand how people that know very little, have no sense and make tons of money. How did this become a career for others to follow? I guess that’s the new online society.

I like to work on old cars, the ones without computers.

I like the smell of cut wood.

I like the smell and crackle of a wood fire.

I want to be left alone so I can live my life the way I choose.

I don’t know anything about fashion.

I don’t follow fads.

I don’t use Face…..

I don’t ask any electronic assistants.

I don’t ask Goo…..

I don’t ask any application.

I am not a slave to the algorithm, I can think for myself.

I am not a slave to technology, I turn it off to enjoy better things.

I don’t trust politicians.

I don’t use ATM’s.

I don’t use self check-out.

I don’t use a “pay” app.

I do use cash when I can.

I don’t trust large corporations and the shills that promote them.

I do not believe in a surveillance state.

I do become a bitter old man when I see all the stupidity and nonsense in this country.

I don’t live my life by reviews and ratings, they are manipulated. I choose to think for myself.

I don’t work in the garden on Sunday’s.

I still take Sunday’s off.

I still use paper maps, map books and atlases, because I don’t like electronics telling me where to go.

I answer questions by the standard of “what I would do.”

I don’t use power drivers unless I absolutely have to because they destroy the screw head and are for people in a hurry or lazy.

I do use my computer for work and viewing current events.

I drink my coffee black or with a little bit of milk depending on how I feel at the time.

I do follow through on my principles.

If I do not like the way a company treats me, I never go back. I stop doing business with them forever. They can have a better product, lower price, offer things for free but I never return. Today people are too weak kneed and are easily brought back by lower prices, free coupon or convenience app.

More to be added as time goes on…

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